Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weird Wednesday ~ Stampin' Up! Blendabilities!

Hello Dahlings!
It's been awhile since I tested out a crafting supply on my nails.
Stampin' Up! released their version of alcohol markers in June
& I wondered from da day I 1st heard we were getting them,
if they'd work for nail art & how they'd compare to
(FYI...I am a Stampin' Up! demo
& all links to SU on this blog
will send you to my demo site.
You may certainly order these
or any other SU products from your own demo,
but if you don't have one,
my site & expertise are available to you!
Just sayin'!)
So here's what I did... 
I played around & doodled me some fun!
Here's what I used & da deets on what I did...
Da line up ~ Serum No5 Pure Glow Getter
& Finger Paints Black Expressionism
 2 coats of Pure Glow Getter with a coat of Seche Vite.
(If you want to buy this polish, get on the waitlist
& you'll be emailed when it gets restocked.)
Like most gitd polish, it dries to a rubbery-ish matte finish.
A note about gitd polishes...
 They pretty much all tend to do this if they sit long enuf!
This isn't a dis on Serum No5 or any other polish maker.
It's just what tends to happen to crème gitd polishes.
So you want to shake your gitd creme's very well before using them!
 This is my bottle after about a minute's worth of shaking.
You can see the gitd pigment working it's way down from the bottom
of the bottle where it had been resting.
(I'm holding the bottle upside down.)
 I did not shake this polish enough before using it!
Even so, PGG still had enuf gitd pigment suspended
to give me some glow.
I stamped da upper image of da stylized roses
from Cici & Sisi plate 05
using Black Expresionism on my ring finger.
I then added a 2nd coat of SV to just that nail.
These are the Blendabilities colors I used on each finger & the design.
I'm not listing which specific tint/tone for each color
cuz I didn't write them down nor do I remember.
(I've slept since then, ya'know!)
Pinky ~ stripes; Cherry Cobbler, Calypso Coral, Daffodil Delight,
Old Olive, Coastal Cabana & (not showing in this pic) Rich Razzleberry
Ring ~ stamped image: Melon Mambo & Old Olive
Middle ~ leopard: Melon Mambo & Rich Razzleberry
Index ~ color blocked doodles: Melon Mambo,
Coastal Cabana, Rich Razzleberry & Old Olive
Thumb ~ spirals: Night of Navy & Rich Razzleberry
(I didn't tc this one cuz I want to see how it lasted.)
Things I learned that you might find useful...
Wait at least 15 minutes, preferably 30 minutes to tc your designs.
I added a coat of SV maybe 5 minutes after finishing
the green dots on my index nail & they smeared.
The rest of that design had over 30 minutes of dry time & didn't smear.
Da leopard print on my middle nail had 10 minutes of dry time.
It didn't smear as badly, but it did effect da final look.
Also, your top coat may or may not shift da colors a bit.
Melon Mambo is a much brighter & blue leaning a pink
than what's showing here & it ain't da pics.
Da medium tone pen is almost a neon IRL.
I only wore these for 24 hours & in that time
da thumb art while not effected by hand washing or lubing
did start to fade a bit near da tip
where I kept running my index finger over it.
Mostly da lightest Night of Navy blue faded,
da darkest Rich Razzleberry held up much better.
 Don't they look nifty under black light?
They did glow a bit,
but the stamped nail just didn't charge up like da others.
Overall they were easier to use
than da other permanent pens I've tested!
So are you now jonesin' to try this technique for yourself?
Here's da scoop on da pens & how you can get them!
This is how these pens come,
in sets of 3 tints/shades of da same color for $11.95.
(this is da list price before s/h
& your local sales tax are added in da USA)
Stampin' Up! offers 12 colors from their core color families
plus a set of 6 flesh tones.
They also have a Color Corrector pen for erasing minor oopsies
& removing color to create highlights.
If you'd like to use these pens on paper,
it's recommended that you use
da Memento Tuxedo Black ink pad since once it dries
it won't smear when you color over it with da pens.
Alas, you can only by from me if you live in da USA.
But if you live in Canada, da UK, France, Germany, da Netherlands,
Australia, New Zealand or Japan
you can find a local demonstrator to order from using da
Find a Demonstrator search feature on da main SU site
AND if you live in any of da 15 countries listed for the IGlobal Store
you can order Stampin' Up! products & have them delivered to you!
(I just found out about the IGlobal Store
when I went looking for international ordering info!)
Please let me know if you have questions
about this technique or any Stampin' Up! products!
>^. .^<
I couldn't let y'all go without your kitty pic!
Mr Inky brought home a nifty bubble gun this summer.
Ciri isn't too sure about what to do with bubbles.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. It rainbow coloured fun themed nail extravaganza!!!!

  2. I love this! It's wild and wooly and fun and fantastic!!

    1. I had so much fun just doodling on my nails. LOL


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