Friday, February 2, 2018

26 Great Nail Art Ideas Presents ~ Black & Neon!

Hello Dahlings!

This prompt of black & neon was right in my wheel house!

So I did this...

 I debated between a neon base of various colors with black stamping
& a black base with neon stamping.
I've been wanting to do more multi-color stamping,
so neon over black it is!

I seem to have forgotten to take my usual line up shot,
so you get my don't-forget-what-I-used pics instead. LOL

 Shleee Polish Black Magic
CND Sticky Base Coat

Hit the Bottle ASAP Fast Dry Top Coat

Not shown ~
(I've also bought this base coat on Amazon)
Creative Shop plate 09

Why the sticky base coat if I'm already using peel off base coat?
When I 1st got the HTB neon stamping polishes,
I learned the hard way while swatching them that they dry really fast
& this can make transferring the image tricky.
(Michelle from HTB confirmed this for me,
so it wasn't all user error on my part.)
Wanting a good stamped image for y'all, I went to YouTube
& found THIS VIDEO that offered the tip of using sticky base coat
over your base color, but before you add stamping,
to help the stamping transfer more easily when using these polishes.
The CND is what brand I had on hand, 
(it also works for applying pigment powders over regular polish)
but other sticky base coats should work too.

 And this is where the Aqua Constellation comes in,
before applying Seche Vite fdtc.

>^ . . ^<

Nip! Nom Nom Nom...I luvs me some nip!

Thanks for stopping by & please check out the ideas
the others have for you featuring black & neon polish!
~ Inky


  1. Very cool! That glow pic is neat. Thanks for including the helpful info about using a sticky coat to aid stamp transfer. I bet it would help with winter dry air problem. ;)

    1. Or those of us that tend to move more slowly. LOL


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