Friday, February 16, 2018

26 Great Nail Art Idea Presents ~ Love, But No Pink or Red

Hello Dahlings!

This go around, we're offering y'all ideas for love manis,
but we're not allowed to use pink or red.
Valentine's Day was a couple of days ago,
but we can share the love on our nails anytime we want!

I did this...

 I'm sharing my love of CHOCOLATE!
I was thinking of those really fancy shmancy truffles
with real gold dust stenciled over them.  
Mr Inky is the true choc-holic in our house,
but we both enjoy all kinds of chocolaty goodness.

(I customized Dragon with gitd.)

Not shown ~
Unt Ready for Takeoff peel off base coat
Bunny Nails plates HD-A & HD-B

 Think of how easy it would be to find your chocolate
in the middle of the night if it glowed in the dark?
Alas, eatable gitd does not exist.
It's fine for nails & other cosmetics etc,
but it will make you very sick if you consume it.

>^. .^<

 Mr Inky is in Taipei, Taiwan this week
& Ciri misses him something fierce.
He keeps looking for his Paw, then glomming onto me.
Thankfully the man gets home on Monday!

 You over there Paw?

 How's 'bout behind my tail?

 Paw, are you there? It's me, Ciri.

Thanks for stopping
& please check out what ideas
the others have for you!
~ Inky


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