Sunday, May 4, 2014

Freakin' Weekly Challenge ~ Yellow

Hello Dahlings!
This week's color for da Fingers Freakin Holo Freaks is Yellow!
Yellow is my least fav color of all colors.
There's nothing wrong with yellow,
in fact, I use it in my card designs regularly.
It just looks awful on me.
My skin reflects it in a way that looks jaundiced.
It's just not fair to a pretty, bright, 
& cheerful color to put it near my skin.
All that babble aside...I agreed to do this challenge
& am willing to take one for da team..
You can't say I didn't warn you...
 This is 2 coats of Nabi Gold 03 in indoor lighting.
If you've followed any of my adventures with Nabi,
you may recall that they name things oddly,
but the $1.50 or less price per bottle
for their 24pc polish sets on Amazon
makes them worth the odd color names,
occasionally missing color labels etc.
In this case...the label says gold, but that sure looks yellow to me.
 Indoors with flash.
See my short pinky?
When I break a nail,
I do a proper job of it by breaking it nigh on to da nail line.
Thankfully it didn't hurt or bleed this time!
 Out doors in da sun!
I'm glad I did these nails last Thursday night,
cuz not long after I took this pic Friday morning
the clouds rolled in
& it's been dumping since Friday night with only lil breaks.
>^. .^<
Dat not a good color on you...don't do dat again!
Thanks for stopping by! 
Now please go get medical attention
for your poor abused eyes!
~ Inky


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