Monday, May 12, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Texture

Hello Dahlings!
Today da Glittah Pirates are showing off their untried texture polishes.
Yep, I have some of those.
For this prompt I opted to use a bunch of bottles from
da Nabi Sand Texture collection I got thru Amazon...
I went for angled rainbow stripes to show these 10 polishes. 
I only needed ONE coat to get both texture & opacity!
I like that these aren't super gritty.
They have more of an emery board feel.
(That tiny gap in da polish on my thumb
was so not visible to my old eyes IRL!)
 Da line up part 1 ~ Nabi Sand Texture Red 16,
Orange 21, Gold 20, Emerald 12 & M. Blue 22
 Da line up part 2 ~ Navy Blue 13, Purple 14,
L. Purple 18, Raspberry 11 & Pink 06
I've really been pretty happy with the Nabi collections.
They're a reasonable quality & the per bottle price is great!
So far they've all averaged out to $1.50ish or less,
including shipping.
Next up ~ Giveaway/Blog Sale Polish
>^. .^<
I want to touch your shiny claws, Meowmy!
Thanks for stopping by!
Now go get more lacquer feels from da other Pirates,
if you please?
~ Inky


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    1. Not really. Ciri is just so very small. 2 peeps might be able to use them side by side, but it would be rather cozy. LOL


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