Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Giveaway or Blog Sale polish

Hello Dahlings!
Hmmmm...this one posed a wee bit of challenge.
I haven't won all that may giveaways & have worn what I've won.
I have gotten polishes from 2 dif blog sales tho, so...
Which one did I pick?
 Butter London Scuppered!
This is 3 coats commando.
It went on a bit patchy, thus da 3 coats.
But it sure is pretty
with all da lil green & pink flashes playing in da copper.
 Da line up ~ BL Scuppered & Nabi Metallic Shappire 136
Yeah, it's another one of Nabi's oddly labeled bottles,
but I haven't used it before this,
so knock another untried off da pile!
 I stamped this image from Bunny Nails HD-E using da Nabi.
 Really? I stamped on these nails, really I did!
 I am liking these magnetic macro lenses
I got on Amazon for like $10!
My Samsung G4 phone is great & takes good pics,
but I lost da macro feature when I upgraded.
I only used it when taking nail pics,
so having these makes getting those close ups easy
without having to fuss about it.
Next up ~ Discontinued
(this describes most of my stash!)
>^. .^<
I gonna nap thru those nails, they boring me.
Thanks for stopping by
& please go visit the more interesting nails
of da other Glittah Pirates!
~ Inky


  1. Replies
    1. While my stamping has improved, I seem to be specializing in invisible stamping of late. LOL

  2. It's amazing how easy that is to specialize in...>.<

    1. Invisible stamping? Yeah, I seem to have a knack for it. LOL I refuse to redo my nails over it tho cuz it just takes too dang long.


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