Friday, May 9, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Glow In The Dark

Hello Dahlings!
Now y'all may have noticed that I have a thing for gitd polish.
So my challenge for the prompt was more about which untrieds to use
rather than do I have one to use.
 Actually, I did know what I wanted to do for this prompt.
I didn't need to think too hard at all.
 Da line up #1 ~ Princessa 05, 02, 24, 01 21 & 15
 Da line up #2 ~ Princessa 16, 17, 08, 06, 23 & 03
Da #'s are on da bottles, but I had to look da names up.
What I found was pretty much useless due to da general lack of creativity.
Red, orange, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, blue, purple etc...
 I started with 2 coats of Nina Ultra Pro French White undies.
I almost could have gotten away with one coat!
I had heard that da NUP was a good white
& thought to give it a try.
It is & this is it's debut on my blog,
so it counts as another untried off da pile!
After this had dried, I used a bit of sponge
to add da gradient by dabbing on 3 layers.
(I painted a stipe of each color on da sponge,
dabbed it on & when it was mostly dry
looked to see what colors needed another layer.
I added just those colors to da sponge 
& did it again for da 3rd coat.)
The Princessa gitds are more cool toned than da Nabis.
Both are sheer jellies, so white undies are recommended.
The Princessa are a bit more runny than da Nabis,
but both work well & come in value priced sets on Amazon.
I added some nail art stickers from Pueen
& a coat of Seche Vite to seal in da glowy goodness.
 Under black light...
 ...thumb too...
 ...and in da sink!
I couldn't pose my thumb well enuf to get a good pic of it in full dark.
This is another mani I wish I had on both hands,
but I'll take my gitd any way I can get it!
Next up ~ Texture!
>^. .^<
More Lil Miss Dee pics!
 Sunday feeding time at da Inky House Cattery.
(from left to right ~ Ciri, Luna, Jazz & Ziggy
w/Lil Miss above them against da cabinet)
Lil Miss didn't know what to make of 4 cats
not stealing each other's food.
Mom had fed her earlier,
so she wasn't hungry, just really curious.
Glow eyes!
Lil Miss jumped up onto da counter to see what was up there
& I surprised her by taking her pic. Her lil tail is all bushy!
Thanks for stopping by!
No go check out all da GITD fun
da other Glittah Pirates have for you!
~ Inky


  1. These turned out SO freakin' cool! Love them!

  2. I didn't think you would have any GITD left untried ahaha! size order kitties

    1. I still have LOTS of gitd to share! *mua ha ha ha ha*

      The group feed only works cuz I feed them the same food & they all get along. LOL


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