Friday, May 2, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Use the Most Untrieds in One Mani!

Hello Dahlings!
Today's prompt is another one that stirred up lots of chatter
in da Glittah Pirates FB group!
How does one go about using a lot of polish in one go?
Several Pirates used tape while some did things like
clouds & other nail art designs.
I went for this...
 ...a braided mani where every strand crossover is a dif color!
I used all of my less expensive untried linear holos.
(no indies or Jades)
Da line up ~
 Nabi Red 18, China Glaze Not In This Galaxy,
Sally Hansen Mandarin Garnet, Sally Hansen Golden Tourmaline,
Nabi Bronze 12, Born Pretty Store 5,
Sally Hansen Coral Amber & Nabi Cinnamon 11
 Sally Hansen Blush Diamond, Nabi Gold 03, Nabi Green 09,
Born Pretty Store 7, Nabi Petite Teal 02, Nabi Teal 07,
Up Colors Verde 360 & Nabi Ocean Blue
 Born Pretty Store 10, Born Pretty Store 8, China Glaze Take A Trek,
Nabi Navy Blue 10, Nabi Sky Blue 04, Born Pretty Store 11,
Nabi Dark Purple 15, Born Pretty Store 9
 Nabi Purple 24, China Glaze When Stars Collide,
Sally Hansen Purple Diamond, Nabi Wine 23,
Up Colors Rosa Star, Sally Hansen Pink Rose Diamond,
China Glaze Infra Red, Sally Hansen Ruby Diamond
 Nabi Rose 19, China Glaze Astro-Hot, Born Pretty Store 3,
Nabi Mocha 13, Nabi Flamingo 21, Born Pretty Store 2,
Nabi L. Pink 05, Nabi Hot Pink 17
 Posts with holos demand a sun pic!
Have you been counting?
I used 40 bottles of untried polish for this mani!!!
A few words about da brands used today ~
Ordering from da BPS is usually a really inexpensive way
to get your paws on nifty polish & nail art bling
and they offer free international shipping.
While their house brand of holo polish is a decent quality,
da list price is WAY too high for a 6ml bottle. ($12.88)
If you'd like to add these to your stash, get their newsletter email
so you'll know when they are on sale.
China Glaze
Generally a good brand that's available in many places.
Alas, da 2013 holos released last summer were a bit of a flop.
Da colors are pretty & they did offer some darker colors
not easily found in mainstream holos at da time,
but the rainbows are so wimpy
as to seem non-existent most of da time.
They are almost one coaters,
so maybe I can use them to stamp & for other nail art.
I can admit that I have a hard time
passing on Nabi's polish sets on Amazon US!
I wasn't too thrilled with this set at first
cuz da rainbows are on da wimpy side,
(they're stronger than da CG 2013 holos, but not by much)
but da pretty colors have grown on me as I've used them.
There are better quality holos out there costing more,
but these are a good value & work well for nail art.
Sally Hansen
A good decade plus ago,
SH had a line of specialty polishes called Nail Prisms.
Some were duo chromes & some were holos.
At the time, these types of polish were very hard to find!
Compared to modern holos,
these seem tame but they still look pretty.
If you'd like to add some to your stash,
Cassie Cosmetics can hook you up!
Up Colors
These are an imported brand I got thru Llarowe
They're ok. Not da best rainbow, but pretty.
Next up ~ Vampy!
Also, say good bye to my claws...
 I got my family room carpet pro cleaned yesterday. 
When da carpet cleaner & I went to put da TV back,
I slipped as I stepped from da damp carpet to da vinyl
and smacked my left pinky nail right off on an end table.
(Fortunately, we hadn't picked up da TV yet.)
I left my lefty hand nails longs so I could do today's mani,
but da right hand got trimmed back last night
& da left will be joining it soon.
I'll be rocking da shorties until they can grow back.
>^. .^<
Nappin' on my Paw's belly is my happy place!
Thanks for stopping by!
Now go count how many untrieds
got used by da other Glittah Pirates!
~ Inky


  1. Oh my, oh my, Miss Jenna! Not only have I never seen so many polishes on one hand, but this is one stunning mani! :D

    1. Thanks! I knew it would either turn out fab or be a total hot mess...I got lucky! LOL

  2. I swear, one day I'm going to sneak into the US and come and raid your stash! I have 2 untried holo's all together, and that's only because they arrived 2 days ago..........major polish envy over here!
    This mani looks so cool though! :D xx

    1. Thanks <3 You too can be a polish ho when you grow up! LMBBO

  3. I love how this came out, but am sad for your pinkie...:(

    1. Thanks! Me too, but at least it didn't hurt when it went flying. <3

  4. nooooooo damn carpet! Oh my flippers I love this manicure!!!!! Now I oddly love up colors

    1. It's not the carpet's fault or even the TV's's mine for having nekkid nails when I KNOW I'm more likely to break one when they're nekkid. LOL

      I know & that's why the 3 I have are going in my 'send to Swishie' pile. There's nothing wrong with them. They just don't do it for me. <3

  5. this is FAB!!!!
    sorry about the snap though! i hate when you get good length and tragedy occurs!

    1. Thanks! <3 Planning nail art on my now shorter nails is messing with my mind. LOL I'd managed to go over 5 months w/o a break!

  6. Magnificent! I'm so impressed that you used 40 polishes in one mani!

    1. Thanks! I was the reigning queen of most used until April posted hers. She used 74. She wins! LOL <3

  7. 40! You go girl! Sad about the break though. I am back to nubbins myself *sigh*

    1. Thanks tho April beat me by using 74. LOL
      Yeah *le sigh* breaks are the bane of nail bloggers everywhere. <3


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