Monday, May 19, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Skittles

Hello Dahlings!
Today da Glittah Pirates are showing off their skittles!
What are skittles in reference to nail art, you ask?
It's when all 5 nails on one hand are different,
but may co-ordinate.
Maybe they're different colors
with da same nail art or polish finish.
They could also be different nail art
using da same colors.
(a Kitchen Sink Mani is an example of skittles)
Skittles are a more random look than ombre nails.
Ombre is when each nail is a different shade or tint
of the same color in order from light to dark
or dark to light.
I painted these on Saturday night after
 my post work nap, so they're simple
cuz I have no brains left after work.
Bet'cha didn't know I could do simple?
5 colors of The Devil Wears Polish linear holographic polish
= simple...
 ...but lots of rainbow FUN!
thumb ~ Glammed Up Gray
index ~ My Precious
middle ~ Linear Lavender
ring ~ A Bottle of Badassery
pinky ~ Elf Kiss
 Da line up ~ The Devil Wears Polish Elf Kiss, A Bottle of Badassery,
Linear Lavender, My Precious & Glammed Up Gray.
Guess what? You can get these fantabulous holos at 20% off today!
(Alas, Elf Kiss was LE as part of da 2013 Holiday Trio
and is no long available)
and $20+ in fab polish in your cart
(don't forget the Georgia Peach Cutie Oil!)
then put CELEBRATE in the coupon box to get your discount.
Now that da sun is coming out to play a lil,
its a great time to be wearing da holos!
Next up ~ Gradient
>^. .^<
Where are my freeze dried,
real meat, cat treats from da specialty pet store, Paw?
My cuteness demands I get some NOW!
Thanks for stopping by!
Now go get your fill of da skittle rainbow
by visiting da other Pirates!
~ Inky


  1. Replies
    1. IKR!?! It's sad that it was LE, but I'm sure glad I got at least a mini. :)

  2. Oooh, I've had a couple requests for darker greens. I think I'll work on that soon :)

  3. I don't think I have elf kiss or the gray. It is almost like a gradient in the pictures now.

    1. Glammed Up Gray is a MUST for a serious TDWP fan! LOL

  4. Oh Inky those nails are seriously superb!!! So much holo goodness it's incredible!! Perfect <3

  5. Jelly of your Elf Kiss! Does Glammed Up Gray work as a holo top coat or is it too dense?

    1. You & so many others, Miss Tina! LOL
      GUG is it's own color & opaque at 2 coats, so no, it wouldn't work as a tc.
      I'm really liking how its softer than silver in color but still packs a rainbow POW!

  6. That grey! Think I need to curl up in your holo draw Ciri might sneak me snacks to survive on

    1. Like that one do you?
      Nah! He'd eat them all his self. LOL


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