Monday, May 26, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Untried Stamping Plate

Hello Dahlings!
I wanted my hands to match when Mr Inky & I went to da beach,
but I also needed to get my Freakin Holo Freaks white holo nails done
as well as da Untried Stamping Plate mani for da Glittah Pirates
& I wanted to try da Stained Glass/Lead Lighting technique.
So what's a lil ol' blogger to do?
Multi-mani time!
 Since I was headed to da beach, I wanted beachy themed nails!
 I used da same plate for all da funky frenchies,
but my ring fingers & thumbs all had something different on them.
My painting inside da lines technique needs work,
but overall I really enjoyed these nails!
(next time methinks I'll try DIY decals so da painting looks tidier)
Da Mentality Glazes were easy to use.
Much better than da slightly drippy Sally Hansen Triple Shines.
 Da line up of untrieds ~ Vapid Lacquer Holo-er Thank Thou
plus Aqua, Blue, Purple & Red-Purple from
 This is one coat of Holo-er Than Thou over white unders.
2 coats would bring out da rainbows better in this WHITE HOLO,
but I had other plans...
 I used 4 of da 5 images on da upper row of this untried plate from
MoYou London Sailor Collection - 05
 I used this image from untried Red Angel plate RA - 101 for my funky frenchies.
 I used my franken I'll Take Mine To Glow, Please? for my undies
& da silver Republic Nail for my stamping.
Why did I choose these 2 previously worn polishes?
 Cuz they GLOW IN DA DARK!
 Not da best pics, but da designs showed up pretty well
as they lit da way to da potty at 3 am in our hotel room.
 I used a holo base color, so I had to get a natural sun pic.
I just happened to catch 5 minutes of sun
while at da beach on Saturday.
You'd like to know what Mr. Inky is eating in da background?
 Yeah, we found us a chocolate covered twinkie to share 
in a bakery on da main street of Long Beach, WA.
Yeah, they're as redonkulously good as you think they'd be.
 On Friday afternoon we fed da seagulls.
We gathered quite a crowd of hungry feathered beach rats.
 Several managed to hover just over my head in da sea breeze
while they caught bits of bread we tossed to them.
Kinda like tossing biscuits to a dog.
 Next up ~ Polish Trend Than Died Before You Could Wear it
Ciri is taking a break while I post my beach pics.
He'll be back soon.  >^. .^<
Thanks for stopping by!
Now go check out da unused stamping plates
da other Pirates dug up!
~ Inky


  1. Pretty as always!! Love the color combo!! I need to get me some Mentality polishes!! See? I can't go to the beach cause you're always costing me money!!!


    1. Thanks! Yes you do, but start saving cuz the Glaze Art set isn't cheap. It's an awesome value at $50 for 12 bottles, but not a cheap polish fix. LOL If it makes you feel any better...I'm broke until next month. I spent all of my polish budget. LMBBO

  2. Very cute, beachy manicure, and I love the name of your franken. :)

    1. Thanks! I was laughing at myself all weekend over how peeps notice my hair but totally missed my nails. LOL Oh well, I enjoyed them a lot.

  3. That looks SO yummy! You were born to multitask fabulously

    1. It was! LOL
      A lil forethought & planning can go a long way. LMBBO


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