Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Polish Trend That Died Before I Could Wear It

Hello Dahlings!
Today's prompt is a mouthful!
I knew what I wanted to wear for it tho...
Spotted polish.
This trend sparked a flurry of DIY in da blogosphere
cuz OPI only released their Black Spotted in France.
I have OPI Black Spotted that I got on Amazon,
but I've already worn it HERE
There were rumors that other colors might be released
and that they might even make it to the US.
Nope. Hasn't happened yet.
However, Fing'rs did release their version
which I missed in the stores
but picked up at a blog sale.
I don't think she'd ever worn it,
but if she had,
I can totally see why she didn't want to keep it!
(I in no way blame her for da epic fail of this mani!
Da polish sucks & that's all there is to it. LOL)
I applied one thin coat & got more cracks than spots.
Da only hope I have for this polish
is that it might come in handy
for a grunge mani of some sort.
Da minis that came with it worked great!
Da blue was almost a one coater
& da pink, while needing 2+ coats
has a nice shimmer to it.
I used da bottle brushes to add dots of color.
I sealed this horrific mani in with a coat of Seche Vite
then ignored it until I could take it off last night.
(I had my Simples skittle of SH Color Foils on da other hand,
so I had something good to look at too.)
 These came in a boxed set & none of them have names or numbers.
I wonder of this fail is typical of Fing'rs polishes or just this one?
I'm not sure I want to waste my $ finding out. LOL
Next up ~ Solar/Thermal
More beach pics!
 On Saturday we went to Cape Disappointment
Mr Inky was in da Coast Guard once upon a time
and even tho' they sent him to most of da CG bases in WA/OR
to fix their computers, he'd never been to Cape D.
This is Cape Disappointment & if you look closely,
you can see da light house on da tip of da head 
on da right side of da pic.
It was a bit of a hike to get to that one,
so Mr Inky & I opted to visit da North Head Lighthouse instead.
 We stopped at da North Jetty on da way.
This is da North Head Lighthouse as seen from da jetty.
(it's in da center of da pic)
 Standing on da jetty, looking out to sea...
 ...and looking back towards land.
Yeah, that sucker is like a mile long.
It serves a good purpose tho as it blocks da worst of da waves
coming in from da north west.
Storms & even just strong winds coming down from Alaska
used to wreak havoc with boats 
in da mouth of da Columbia River.
Da jetty eliminated a lot of da swells to da point that
da water on da south side of it was almost glass smooth,
while da waves crashed against da north side.
 This is Benson Beach as seen from North Head.
It lies between North Jetty & North Head.
Da jetty is in da middle of da pic, just below da horizon.
 North Head Lighthouse.
It's not very big as light houses go,
but it sits on a high cliff & does da job.
This is da head land just north of North Head.
There's a creek that comes down between da 2 heads,
and there's pretty much no beach below,
except maybe at low tide.
Long Beach starts on da other side of this head.
I think I'm done with vaca pic torture.
(Hey, at least I didn't subject y'all to a slide show!)
Thanks for stopping by!
Now please go check out what da trends
da other Pirates missed
or rather don't miss!
~ Inky


  1. Ha! Didn't get me today! I already have OPI Spotted! Stinks about this version though. But love the vacay pics!

    1. Egad, I hope not cuz this polish sucked. LOL
      OPI Black Spotted works beautifully!

      Thanks! We had lots of fun exploring a part of the state we'd never been to before. WA ST has such a variety of terrain! One could visit deserts & glaciers, beaches & mountains, salt & fresh water, urban & rural all in the same week just driving around. LOL

  2. It look so pretty your mini break that is. That topcoater is shocking O.O

    1. Yeah, the polish sucked icky canal water with a big fat straw, but the vaca with Mr Inky was fab! LOL


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