Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weird Wednesday ~ Burgundy Shimmer Polish Comparison

Hello Dahlings!
I went on a bit of a buying spree at Cassie Cosmetics last spring & got all of the Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine polishes that I didn't already have. Now I knew there were possible some dups & near dups in this haul cuz from the names it looks like Sally Hansen released 3 collections under this line: flower names, Christmasy adjectives & regular adjectives. Let's take a look & you can decide for yourselves which one's you prefer...
Da line up: Sally Hansen Iris 02, Hibiscus 03, Lily 04, Shining 07,
Ruby Kisses Date Night, Wet N' Wild 24 Carats plus a small detail brush
In da bottle these dark reds are very similar...on  da nail? They're still very similar! LOL
P ~ Iris (the darkest of the SH)
R ~ Hibiscus (more brown than Iris & a bit lighter)
M ~ Lily (slightly  lighter than Hibiscus & slightly less brown)
I ~ Shining (lighter than Iris & more red than Hibiscus & Lily)
T ~ Date Night (between Iris & Shinning).
So while none of these are exact dups, you might not need all of them unless dark reds are your polish passion. Application was good for all of them, tho' da SH's dried slower than da RK polish. (They're also 10+ years older, so I cut them some slack.)
Moi? Leave my nails with plain polish? Never! (ok, nearly never lol)
I added tigerish stripes using da lil brush & 24 Carats.
Oh? You want your Cirrus pic? Here you go...
Peek-a-boo...I'm cute!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Nothing wrong with buying polish! haha I love your stripes and the kitty, too :)

    1. Thanks! Mr Inky would challenge that! Not the concept, but the quantity. LOL

  2. Aww bless him!
    Thankfully I don't have a think for burgundy

    1. If asked, I wouldn't have said I do either! LOL


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