Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Quickie ~ Textured Funky French!

Hello Dahlings!
For our 23rd anniversary, Mr Inky & I went to da Seattle Waterfront! We rode da new Ferris wheel (I don't do heights well, so this shows how much I love that man. LOL) & totally pigged out at da Crab Pot. Today's show & tell is da mani I wore that day.
 Da line up: Sally Hansen Pink Sprinkles, OPI Can't Let You Go,
Sally Hansen Lick-o-Rich & my faithful Essence skinny striper.
 2 coats of Pink Sprinkles. Went on no prob & dried fast.
I really like the SH Sugar Coat line...not a dud in da lot so far.
Ta Da. I added funky French tips using Can't Let You Go & Lick-o-Rich.
I picked da colors to match da dress I wore, but the pink was too warm...
I should have gone with something more fuchsia, like Julie G's Crushed Candy.
Da OPI took FOREVER to dry & had massive tip wear after da crab fest.
Egad! I just realized I must have eaten all da polish that chipped off!  Blerg. 
This is the dress I wore that day that I failed to match da pink polish to...
see, da pink I used wasn't blue enuf.
As for Mr Inky & me? This song pretty much sums it up: Head Over Feet
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Hey!! Mr. GlitteryFingers (lol, love how you did that) & I celebrated our 23rd back in Jan. And other than the ferris wheel (I don't love him that much) it would be my perfect anniversary!!

    And I love the mani!! But I want to see the dress too!

    1. Thanks! It's a way to include him without blowing his secret identity. LOL I've gone on 3 Ferris wheels for him over the years & didn't enjoy any of them. I'll probably get to ride a few more too.

      OK fine, I added a pic of my dress, just for you.

    2. Thank you!! I love that dress!! But I see what you mean about the pink. Still a fab mani!!

  2. So so cute!!! Love some funky frenches! Gawjusss nails lady!! :)


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