Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Quickie ~ Textured Double Swirly Thing Alert!

Hello Dahlings!
Today's mani is based on this one done by Claire at Nuthin' but a nail thing. The only things I changed were some of the colors & I used textured polishes for my gradient.
 Da line up: Finger Paints Paper Mache & Black Expressionism, Nicole by OPI I Lilac Gumdrops & My Cherry Amour plus a fine tip dotter & a bit of sponge
 2 coats of Paper Mache. Even with my crappy application,
it's still looks pretty good. LOL
 I used the sponge to apply this 2 color gradient by painting the
colors on the sponge then pouncing about until I liked it.
I did have to do 2 layers to get this intensity of color.
Yeah, I was needing a major project to keep me from thinking too much 
the night I did this. LOL Claire's tutorial makes this an easy mani,
if a bit time consuming.
Here's your kitty pics:
 Ciri lying on da rug being all cute...
Stre-e-etch & I'se even cuter meowmy!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


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    1. Thanks! I've been having lots of fun with texture polishes this summer...just like everybody else. LOL


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