Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weird Wednesday ~ Inky Mix-ology 101

Hello Dahlings!
Today's adventure into da weird is what all is in my cuticle oil. Lots of companies rave about their cuticle oil cuz well...they want to sell it to you. Lots of blogs rave about this or that type of oil cuz that's what they're using at the moment or have been sent to review. Da reality is that pretty much any vegetable oil will soften your skin. The factors to consider are how fast it absorbs, how greasy does it leave your skin, what does it smell like & price. I've tried several different types of cuticle oil & here's what I did with them...
I started with this bottle of cheap ProFX Apricot oil from Wal-Mart. It's gritty, greasy & has a subtle unpleasant odor. I didn't like using it, but didn't want to waste it.
 So I poured off about half da bottle into an air tight container (for later use) then added these oils to da bottle:
Dr Esteban's Jojoba Cocoil
(a mix of jojoba & coconut oils)
Orly Argon Oil
(Sally's Beauty Supply had a buy 3 Orly polishes,
get a bottle free, I ended up with 3 bottles lol)
Orly Cuticle+
(grape seed, evening primrose, safflower seed, orange blossom,
wild cherry bark & linseed oils plus aloe extracts & vitamins A & B)
Ruby Kisses Cuticle Oil
(mineral, safflower seed & jojoba seed oils
plus lemon extract for scent)
Bath & Body Works Lavender Essential Oil
(hybrid safflower seed & lavender oils plus vitamin E)
not shown ~ Essie Apricot Oil sample that came in the mail
The best oil for absorption etc is Dr E's Jojoba Cocoil, but I don't think it's available any more tho' you can certainly buy these oils separately from many sources. My bottle is nigh on 25 years old & while it hasn't gone rancid, the scent has changed to a less pleasant one than it originally had. This is why I added the Lavender oil, to give my concoction a better fragrance. The others are all fairly decent cuticle oils in their own right, but trying to use them all was a bit crazy making, so this works.
Try'll like it!
Now for something more entertaining than cuticle oil: my son & DIL's baby pineapple plants! Many years ago, my son & I tried to grow a pineapple plant & get it to bloom. We were able to grow a plant from the top of a pineapple bought at da grocery store & that puppy grew to a 3 foot diameter spiky plant of death. We even bagged it with an apple & kept it warm & moist. We failed in getting it to flower, so no fruit. Apparently Florida is warm & moist enuf to grow pineapples cuz the kids had 2 of them growing in their back yard. Da fruits are only 3" across, but they are real pineapples.
I'm glad he got to achieve this lil goal.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I will admit I got all excited over the pineapples. Never seen them not in a grocery store hahah


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