Monday, September 30, 2013

Butter London Mani Fail

Hello Dahlings!
Dang! Anybody got a boat I can borrow? We've been getting November quantities of rain & it's only September! We got over 2" just yesterday!!! Reality check: I live on a big ridge (not near the edge) & will be fine. If my house gets flooded by Mom Nature, the world will have bigger probs than Mr Inky, the cats & I getting wet going on.
Oh, You want to see how I mucked up my mani?
 Da line up" Finger Paints Paper Mache', Sally Hansen Lime Lights,
Butter London Knackered & Pure Ice Busted
 2 coats of Paper Mache' undies & 3 coats of Knackered that showed thin at da edges, even with wrapping da tips & it bubbled all over da place.
(plus my botched nail art, but more about that below)
Maybe gray undies next time to lessen the sheerness of Knackered?
 See da pretty holo bits?
 See da pinky purple side of da color shift?
This polish has such a strong pink/green shift in da bottle,
but it didn't really show on da nail.
I picked da pink & green polishes to match da colors of da shift, but both were so sheer that I thought white dots under da double dots would didn't.
I had such high hopes for this lemming!
Oh well. Here are some Cirrus pics to cheer me up!
 I know there's milk in that bowl.
I want that milk. What do you mean I can't have it?
I really want it! (I just luv da paws on da belly! LOL)
Victory is mine! (Grand Paw is spoiling Ciri something awful!)
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Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. man that was intense stare down with the bowl lol!

    1. What Ciri wants, Paw provides. That man has no will of his own when it comes to that lil cat. LOL

  2. How do you manage to get through the day surrounded by such cuteness? How do you get anything done!!!!????? :) <3

  3. LOL Unless something is yowling or breaking, I've learned to ignore the 5 we have when needed. Mr Inky on the other paw, needs occasional rescuing in order to be productive cuz Ciri likes to hang out with him. <3


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