Friday, September 20, 2013

Different Dimensions KSM

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have for you da last long nail mani I'll be showing for a while.
The day after I did this I broke da pinky nail on my left hand below da nail line.
I repaired it, redid the nail art & kept da broken nail for 5 days...
then it came off while removing polish from another mani.
Oh well, it happens. I really liked this mani
& hope to do another like it again someday...
Da line up: Sinful Colors Charmed, Different Dimensions Another Brick In The Wall, Color Club All That Razz, Ruby Kisses Black Utopia & Whiter Than White, China Glaze Fairy Dust plus a large dotter, small detail brush, skinny striper brush & bit of sponge
2 coats of Charmed. While its hard to see in pics, this polish has fine light pink glitter mingling with da silver. I had it on my toes for a month with no chips! (no feet pics!) When I handed my pedi tech da bottle, she went to find silver undies for it & was surprised when I told her it was opaque in 2 coats. They love it when I bring my own polishes cuz they get to see something new & see how well it works with out having to buy it first. They also get bummed when I visit cuz they don't get to do my mani's cuz of da nail art, tho' they do enjoy seeing what's on my nails. LOL When I went to get my toes done, I was wearing this mani & they went bonkers over it.
Gotta love it when you can impress da pros with your nails!
 2 coats of Another Brick In The Wall over Charmed. Major love affair...
went on like a dream with no fishing or blobbing to get good coverage!!!
 Here's a blurry close up of all da wonderfulness that is ABITW...looky, holo bits jumbled in with all da chunky black, white & hot pink glittery goodness!
P ~ waterfall using skinny striper with Black Utopia, Whiter Than White & All That Razz
R & T ~ Another Brick In The Wall
M ~ drips using larger dotter with All That Razz, outline & highlights using small detail brush with Black Utopia & Whiter Than White with a coat of Fairy Dust
I ~ I sponged a swath of All That Razz using da bit of sponge then added black & white leopard spots with da dotter. I added dots of Fairy Dust to da center of da white spots
Other than breaking my pinky nail on da other hand & having to redo da waterfall, this was a PERFECT mani IMHO. I tend to be rather critical of my artistic efforts, so if I love something I've done, you know I did it very well indeed. LOL
Lil Ciri guarding Mr Inky aka Grand Paw from da camera monster.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Look at these!!! Inky lady you are most certainly super talented!! Love love love this color combination!! So pretty lady!! :)

    1. Thanks! One of my fav things from the 80's are neons with black & white.


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