Friday, September 12, 2014

The Devil Wears Polish ~ No More Butterflies!

Hello Dahlings!
This is it!
Da post you've been waiting for
 You're gazing adoringly upon 2 luscious light teal layers w/o tc.
Look at that color!
Look at those rainbows!
This LE charity beauty is still available!
It's only $12US with $2 going to TEF No More Butterflies program
plus NO SHIPPING in da USA!!!
Deets on da polish & links for da The Epilepsy Foundation
I had to add some butterflies to this mani...
...& a butterfly busting love fairy!
The Epilepsy Foundation
helps kids with epilepsy & their families
feel better about going to school
by teaching da school staff
how to best help a person having a seizure.
This helps give peace of mind to both
da kids & their families!
 I had to get a sun pic while da getting was good...
...and yeah, they gitd!
You have to join da The Devil Wears Polish FB group
to order this yummy polish & Tami's other drool worth pretties
You know you want this polish!
What are you waiting for?
won't be available much longer!
>^. .^<
I'm not sure what da ottoman did to Ciri...
 ...but beating da shiz out of it...
 ...seems to be important...
...cats can be so silly!
Thanks for stopping by
& supporting The Epilepsy Foundation
No More Butterflies program
thru your purchase of
The Devil Wears Polish
~ Inky


  1. Please tell me what that stamping polish is that glows in the dark...

    1. Those are water decals. LOL There are a few opaque gitd polishes that work for stamping as well as the DIY option.

  2. OH MY GOD such a fabulously cute manicure


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