Friday, September 5, 2014

First Friday Franken ~ Wild Plum & Hot Ashes

Hello Dahlings!
One of the reasons I do this post is for my DPD Swishie
Da other is to show you my polish creations!
Some of my frankens are made from
already existing polishes that I mix together,
some are made from ready made polish
that I've added pigment or glitter to
& some are made from scratch
by adding pigments to polish base.
Today I have a couple of made from scratch polishes for you!
I get my frankening supplies from a few dif sources,
but my base & a lot of my pigments come from
was lamenting that most gitd polishes
are either neons that glow dif colors
or that odd milky yellowish white that glows greenish white.
Da gitds that are available in drugstores all over da US
starting this time of year thru' Oct. 31st are indeed limited
in both base color & glow color.
There are quite a few indie brands that now carry gitd polish
in all kinds of colors plus some have glitter for daylight fun.
But they do tend to have light color bases
and Tina craves her some vampy gitd.
What's a polish pal to do?
Mix it myself!
 Meet Hot Ashes & Wild Plum
These are made from scratch frankens
using pigments & base from Misfits on 8th
plus a wee bit of Reflections holo glitter
from da Michael's craft store.
Hot ashes is a medium gray crelly with silver holo bits.
Wild plum is a rich purple metallic.
 Both are rather thick to apply, have a bit of texture
& need da beejeebers shaken out of them
to make sure da gitd pigment is thoroughly dispersed...
it likes to settle to da bottom of da bottle.
Also, Wild Plum stains like a pita!
This pic was after nigh on 10 minutes of careful acetone scrubbing.
 Add a coat of Seche Vite & da sparklies come out to play!
It was getting late & my eyes were starting to cross,
so Lazy Wench Funky French was my nail art of choice.
 And of course it does this!
Hot Ashes glows aqua & Wild Plum glows a mossy green.
Not your average glow-in-the-dark polishes!
>^. .^<
I no needs gitd claws cuz I has gitd eyes!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Don't care if it is a stainer, I LOVE that plum! The texture, the gitd, the color! Don't get me wrong, I like Hot Ashes too, but that Wild Plum...*le sigh*. I have found that Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover (the blue gel) is perfect for cleaning up behind cuticle stainers. Put some on, let it sit a few moments, and the gel "soaks up" the stain. Scrape it off with an orange stick and you are good to go! It works with your nail beds too, but only if you use it right after polish removal. You can even get down in those hard to reach crevasses if you work it with your stick. Is it wrong that I am thinking of my hubby now?

    1. I thought you might & I'm glad you do since I'm sending it to you. LOL I didn't know about SH cutie remover for stains! Thank you for the tip! A fair trade I'd say. <3

      Do you often work your hubby's crevices with a stick?


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