Sunday, April 13, 2014

Freakin' Weekly Challenge! ~ Green Holo

Hello Dahlings!
I recently joined Fingers Freakin Holo Freaks on FB!
Why? These peeps are all about HOLOGRAPHIC polishes!!!
Linear, scatter & all the combo varieties available.
I get info on what's available where
as well as nifty chats about all kinds of holo & polish related issues.
So our most intrepid group leader, Fingers Polish Mania,
started the group this year
& when she tried to get some interest going for a challenge...
well let's say that folks weren't interested.
Then I joined!
She asked da newest members what we'd like to see
& I suggest a simple challenge 
for showing off our fav holos by color.
So starting this Sunday until we run thru our list,
I'll be showing you some of my fav holo polishes
with some nail art.
(cuz we all know I have a hard time leaving my nails
with just one color & no art of any kind)
It may only be Fingers & I posting in da beginning,
but hopefully some of da others will want to join da fun!
We could have done the rainbow in order,
but opt'd for a random approach.
So our 1st prompt is ~ Green
Meet Jade Energy!
This is 2 yummy coats of non-patching,
strong rainbow, dark green bling-gasm!!!
I have most of the Jade holos available thru Llarowe,
(Color4Nails also carries Jade Holigraficos)
but I have a strong lemming for da 4 I don't have
cuz da only linear holos I have with a bolder rainbow
are da Color Club Holo Hues.
Jade holos usually runs $1 per ml or $8 a bottle.
A lil on da high side,
but to me it's worth it get this much rainbow bling!
I sealed da goodness in with a coat of Seche Vite,
Using a large drop of Orly Top2Bottom I adhered the charm.
It did take at least 15 minutes for the polish to cure enuf
that da charm didn't feel like it might fall off &
at least an hour for it to cure solid.
Yes, I could have used nail glue,
tho' that makes it a bit of a challenge to get the charm off
& be able to re-use it.
Polish takes longer to cure,
but is easier to clean off the metal charm
& my nail than nail glue.
>^. .^<
Check out dat rainbow!
I'm not giving up on Show & Tell or Does It Stamp?
I'll just be double posting on Sundays when I have stuff to share.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I don't think I should that group it would only end badly a.k.a I would be forever poor and live among a holographic sea

  2. Gorgeous holo and I want that charm!!!

    1. Go visit Swishie's shop She Sells Seashells!


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