Monday, April 28, 2014

TGPNPC ~ Most Expensive!

Hello Dahlings!
Today we're all showing our most expensive untried polishes.
I have a self imposed $20 limit per bottle
& I try to keep my per bottle price to $10 or less.
Indies have pushed & dragged me to pay $12-$15,
but those are indies, so I forgive them. LOL
I love Sally Hansen Chromes!
The line was retired over 10 years ago,
but I've managed to get most of them thru
The carry all kinds of retired polish &
many are available for LESS than they were in stores!
Harry also provides excellent customer service
should you ever have a problem with an order.
(My 1st order contained a bottle that had leaked
& he promptly replaced it!)
Today's polish was NOT one of the discounted ones...
 This is 2 coats of Sally Hansen Black Pearl Chrome
w/cat gitd water decals.
I paid my limit of $20 for this hard to find retired polish.
I can't recommend using decals over a chrome like this
cuz da edges of da decals tend to show
even with a coat of Seche Vite.
 My thumb.
 Yeah, I know...I have a thing for gitd everything & anything.
 I gots to have my glow!
Next up ~ Least Expensive
>^. .^<
I watching your polish dry.
Thanks for stopping by &
please go visit da expensive eye candy offerings of da other ladies!
~ Inky


  1. Replies
    1. Doh! How the heck did I forget THAT? LOL Thanks for the heads up Claire...I'll go fix my boo boo now. LOL

  2. Please tell me where I can find da glow-in-the-dark kittehs...I must have dem...(and I can see why you hunted down that polish, it's awesome)

    1. I got one pack in the Pueen gitd water decal set I got from Amazon & more single packs from Born Pretty Store.

  3. YOU. You are the ultimate enabler. You have bestowed upon me a great gift of bankruptcy in the form of that shop. You have unleashed the Kracken!!

  4. Enable away Inky! I have yet to purchase what I would consider a HTF polish...although I have crossed some off my lemming list, but they were just cheap ones (Sinful Colors Winterberry and a Station that I can't remember the name of right now)


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