Monday, April 14, 2014

TGPNPC ~ The Dreaded Frost!

Hello Dahlings!
Today I have for da dreaded Frost prompt for y'all!
Why is it dreaded?
1) Even those of us with large mountains of untrieds 
had a hard time finding polishes that could qualify as frosts.
2) Frost isn't a currently popular finish
& while many pearls & metallics look frosty...
finding one in da pile was problematic.
3) Da suckers streak like a drunk geek
at da Friday night college football game!
So many of us avoid buying them
cuz they can be a royal pita to make look nice.
That said, I did find a couple of polishes I thought might work...
This isn't what I originally had in mind,
but the nail art polish I used didn't want to stamp.
It was thick & opaque enfu p
lus looked good on the squishy stamper,
but when I stamped it all I got was da blue blobs you see.
So on to plan B!
I did da blob on all my nails then stamped over it using black.
I actually like how it turned out!
 Here's thumby!
I know I haven't been showing her much,
but unless she has something on
that's different than da rest of my nails,
I can get closer pics if I don't include her.
Today she has nail art that da others don't!
 Da line up ~ Nabi Sand Texture White, Stripe Rite
(it's a frosty blue, but these don't have names on da bottles)
& Finger Paints Black Expressionism.
 Mash 49
 Cheeky CH38
 Winstonia W217
While many of us managed to find a polish or 2,
I don't think any of us will be bummed
if it doesn't make it to da next round of TGPNPC in da fall!
Next up ~ Jelly
(I had FUN with this one!)
>^. .^<
I can't eat dose fishes, so I gonna nap.
Thanks for stopping by &
please show some luv to da other ladies
by visiting their frost mani posts!
~ Inky


  1. I need that puffer fish plate!! me likey this ,anicure

    1. Thanks! I knew that image had to get used. It's so stinkin cute!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Dahling! It's nice to have what starts out looking like a fail turn into a success. LOL

  3. Really great combination of designs. :)


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