Sunday, April 20, 2014

Freakin Weekly Challenge ~ Blue

Hello Dahlings!
This week I have a blue linear holo to show you.
I really like da Jade Holografico line.
Beautiful colors with a strong linear rainbow.
What's not to love?
At $1US per ml, they aren't da cheapest polish,
but I like them enuf to be willing to pay a lil more
for this great quality import brand.
So which blue did I pick for today...
Like da other Jade holos I have,
(which you'll get to see eventually)
1 coat isn't quite enuf,
but 2 coats is dandy fine for a smooth, opaque finish.
You can find them at both Llarowe & Color4Nails
I added some Pueen nail art stickers from Amazon.
>^. .^<
A while back I shared pics of Ciri playing with his Hot Cat catnip toy.
I keep it in my desk drawer when he's not playing with it
cuz da others will steal it & drool all over it.
Ciri knows where I keep it
& lets me know when he's in da mood for some nip...
 Open, open, open!
 I know it's in dis drawer!
Meowmy...I wants my nip...NOW!
(After I took these pics & started editing them,
he lay down across my wrist so I couldn't do anything
with that hand & wouldn't move until I got out his toy.)
Thanks for stopping by!
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go visit Fingers Freakin Holo Freaks FB page.
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Ask Fingers to let you join da group!
(FFHF is a mean free zone,
da only drama is when we swoon over da rainbows on our nails!)
~ Inky


  1. I want my nip now mother!!!!!

    1. Yep! He pesters his Paw the same way when he wants his special cat treats. That cat is SO spoiled! LOL

  2. He is the sweetest thing--and that comes from someone who has some pretty darned sweet kittehs!

    1. He is a constant source of love & amusement!


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