Monday, April 21, 2014

TGPNPC ~ Drugstore

Hello Dahlings!
I am loving da motivation
to use my untried polishes that this challenge provides...
I managed to knock 9 off da pile with this mani!
 I was having me a serious Sugar rush with these nails!
Drugstore is one of those prompts
that most of us easily have lots to choose from
cuz da brands they carry are usually low to moderately priced
& they're more likely to have sales on a regular basis,
so it's easy to acquire them faster than one can wear them.
Off da top of my inky lil brain,
I'd have to say I have more Sally Hansen polish
than any other brand available.
Granted, they've been around forever,
always have several different lines
of reasonable quality affordable polish
& can be found in pretty much every US drugstore
as well as in many economy department stores.
 Da line up ~ Sally Hansen Sugar Coats in Cherry Drop, Candy Corn,
Sweetie, Sour Apple, Spare-a-mint?, Laughie Taffy, Gummy Grape,
Bubble Plum & Cotton Candies.
I did my party stripes by painting one coat 
of da outside colors on each nail,
then going back & adding da middle stripes,
letting it all dry then repeating for da 2nd coat.
No top coat for these nails!
Normally I wrap my tips with da base color & top coat,
but texture polish doesn't wrap well
cuz da gritty bits get popped off pretty fast
creating a tip worn look
before I even have a chance
to wear da polish off thru typing etc.
So I wrapped my base coat over my tips & called it good.
Next up ~ Boutique
>^. .^<
I sure is cute when I sleeps!
Thanks for stopping by
& please go check out da other Drugstore nails!
~ Inky


  1. These are awesome. Wish they were available in Poland..

    1. Thanks! That's a shame because they're everywhere here. I bet you have polishes there that I'd want too. Stupid postal regulations that keep us from easily mailing polish around the world. LOL

  2. WOW! Look at that sugar rainbow! Although I have tons of Sallys in my stash, I don't have a single sugar rush. What is wrong with me?!?!

    1. How did you manage to not buy any of these? They had 3 releases of them last year, surely you at least saw them in the stores? LOL Lucky for you many places still have the Shimmer Coats now in with the regular lines & some of the Sugar Coats are still available too.

  3. Love that collection and that's so bad we don't have it here, in Poland...Anyway, this manicure's amazing! Perfect rainbow:)

  4. Wow 9!?
    I did a mani JUST LIKE THIS for Easter, except with just 4 colors (the NOPI Roughles). It was fun. I like your rainbow version much more though!

    1. Yep, 9! Wait til you see Friday's mani. LOL

  5. Your a lady on a mission!! That looks awesome

    1. Well I do have a lot of untried polish to wear! LOL Thanks!

  6. I'm not a big fan of that particular type of textured polish, but I love what you did with them. Rock on!


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