Monday, April 7, 2014

Never Ending Pile of Untrieds Challenge!

Hello Dahlings!

Today starts The Glittah Pirates Facebook group's
Never Ending Pile of Untrieds Challenge!
Da concept came about as we chatted about all da lovely polishes
we were accumulating that had yet to be worn.

Da Magnificent Missy Gnarly Gnails 
asked us to suggest prompt ideas
& da next thing we knew...
we hade enuf ideas to post 3 times a week
for da next 3+ months!

If you'd like to join da fun,
go to the Glittah Pirates FB page & ask to join!
Joining will give you access to da Inlinkz codes
& Instagram hashtag for da challenge.
It's totally laid back as far as challenges go.
If we have a polish or 5 that fit a prompt, we post.
If we don't have a particular prompt, we don't.
Here's what all we'll be up to ~

In case you're wondering...
yes, I have at least one polish for each prompt.
In fact, I'll be using several untried polishes
for each prompt whenever possible!

Today's prompt is ~ Glitter

 I went for a sparkle overload & did a vertical overlapping rainbow.

Da line up ~ Orly Rocket's Red Glare, Right Amount of Evil,
Sashay My Way, Monster Mash, Spazmatic,
Can't Be Tamed & Liquid Vinyl as the base color.
(Liquid Vinyl has been worn before, but since most, if not all, of my black & white polishes have been worn, I'm allowing my self to use them when necessary during the challenge. The primary polishes in each post will be untrieds.)

Next up ~ Pastels!

>^. .^<

So many sparklies...too bright...must hide my eyes!

Thanks for stopping by &
now go visit da other ladies
& check out their glitter bomb manis!
~ Inky


  1. Yay, rainbow! Just gorgeous hun <3 Those Orly's look fab too xx

    1. Thanks! I just had to have 2012 & then didn't wear them. lol I REALLY need this challenge.

  2. So pretty! I almost used Monster Mash for my post today too lol! Love the rainbow!

    1. Thanks! I really like Monster Mash's holo bits. It really ups the bling factor. Rainbows are an easy way to use 6 polishes in one mani. lol

  3. Oooo, love this! And of course the fact that you used all Orly makes my OCD tendencies happy! I have Right amount of Evil but it is not in my untrieds! Can you believe it?!?

    1. Thanks! I have those OCD moments too. I can't believe I lemminged so hard to get what I could from this line & then didn't wear them! LOL

  4. ooooh girl! you're out of the gate with a bang arent you!?!?!

    1. Yep! I did say I have an uber mountain of untrieds. lol

  5. Wow!!! This is indeed so very pretty. Love the color and glitters. Great choice indeed!


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