Friday, April 25, 2014

#TGPNPC ~ Had To Have It, Still Haven't Worn It!

Hello Dahlings!
Oh the irony!
Today's mani uses the most bottles so far in this challenge,
but due to work, it will be a rather brief post. Oh well.
 Today's mani turned into something I didn't like very much.
The concept was simple enuf: do a 2 color gradient
with a duo shimmer topper & a fimo embellishment.
I don't blame the adorable Swirl Mouse Fimo Canes
from Nailiciouss that I was sent for review,
cuz those are so cute & easy to use.
I blame my choice to layer polishes that I haven't used before
for da hot mess on my nails that I've had to look at all week.
 Da pile up ~ Booty Babe
bottom row:Cushy Tushy, Honky Badonky, Hind Quarter,
Lilac Got Back & Fruity Patootie
middle row: Top Shelf, Freaky Cheeky, Butt Or Brickle & Skinny Dip
Top row: Bubble Butt, Loose Caboose & Wind Tunnel
When I 1st saw these P & A shaped bottles plus da fun names...
I was all over that!
(I so don't remember on what blog, I've slept since then.)
So I promptly bought da Purple Patootie, Pink Posterior
& Hella Holos 5 bottle sets.
(FYI ~ da Hella Holos aren't holos, they're duo chromes)
I ended up with 2 Skinny Dips
& gave away da dup at last year's Blog-o-versary.
Da 14 remaining bottles have collected dust until now.
Let the nightmare begin!
I started with 2 no prob coats on each nail.
 pinky ~ Bubble Butt
ring ~ Top Shelf
middle ~ Cushy Tushy
index ~ Lilac Got Back
thumb ~ I waited to see what I liked best,
not that it mattered in the end LOL
 I then did a bit of sponging to create funky French tips.
pinky ~ Loose Caboose
ring ~ Freaky Cheeky
(too close in color & too sheer to cover Top Shelf)
middle ~ I didn't do the gradient on this nail at this point
cuz da other 2 polishes I paired with it were both duos
index ~ Fruity Patootie
While not the best combos ever, t
hey were ok until I added 1 coat of the duos.
Some of da duos were sheer enuf to look fine over da gradients.
However, Butt Or Brickle was too opaque
& pretty much hides da base colors.
Honky Badonky & Hind Quarter
are so close in color over Cushy Tushy
that they only showed if my hand was in da right position.
I then dinged up 2 nails adding da Swirl Mice
cuz I have a wait problem.
I ended up doing Top Shelf with a fruity Patootie gradient,
& Skinny Dip as da duo topper
on my thumb, of which I didn't get a pic.
Methinks I need to look up da work 'brief' in da dictionary.
 Next up ~ Most Expensive
>^. .^<
When Meowmy gets dis cray cray...
(Ciri is on top of da binders on da top of da hutch on my desk.
He's about 6' up & way above my head!)
Thanks for stopping by to see da hot mess I made on my nails.
Now please go cleanse your poor eyes by visiting da other ladies!
~ Inky


  1. Your nails look nice! I like the gradient on your pinky. Those are some hilarious polish bottles.

    1. Thanks! The bottles were a big factor in getting them. LOL I'm just glad the polish is good too since I bought so many.

  2. Maybe I'm missing something, because I think it's an adorable mani...It's even making me want to purchase those fimo canes, something I haven't every really done on purpose before!!

    1. It's not horrible, it's more that some combos look better than others. All nails looking alike might have been better. LOL

  3. I LOVE the names of these! Plus the bottles crack me up! And you had to do every nail different to knock more off the untrieds pile, right?

    1. The bottle are so much silly fun!
      Yep! I was warming up for the 'use as many' prompt. LOL


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