Friday, April 11, 2014

TGPNPC! ~ Random

Hello Dahlings!
When I saw 'Random' on da list,
da 1st thing to pop into my inky lil brain was
Essie's 2013 Textured Holiday collection.
I had lemminged so hard over them that I searched da webby
til I found all 6 at a price I was willing to pay.
Amazon maybe? I don't remember, I've slept since then.
I also didn't worn a single one of them...until today!
 I don't know why these texture glitter bombs
didn't make it on my nails before now!
They certainly have enuf bling factor to make me happy!
Da line up ~ Essie Lots of Luxe, On A Silver Platter & Hors D'Oevres
All 3 are bling-tastic with a nice texture.
Not uber chunky, more like an emery board feel.
I love da blue violet holo bits in On A Silver Platter!
Next up ~ Frost
>^. .^<
 Ciri 'helping' me sort & bag club orders.
Playing with every lil thing that caught his eye
would be more accurate!
I no understand why you spend so much time
with dis book thing, Meowmy.
It not comfy at all!
(he's lying on my SU catty binder)
Thanks for stopping by!
Now go check out da Randomness
da other ladies have to show you!
~ Inky


  1. you definitely made them look nicer than i've seen before!! i love the combo you put together!

    1. Thanks! It's an odd lil assortment, but at this point, I know I like half of them. I haven't worn the other 3. No big surprise there. LOL


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