Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TGPNPC ~ Boutique

Hello Dahlings!
Da Boutique prompt created more discussion than da Drugstore one!
What is a boutique?
I think of it as a smaller scale shop
where I find things not available in the big department stores.
This doesn't mean they don't have stores all over da place.
It just means what they carry won't easily be found elsewhere.
They also tend to be a bit more upscale price wise, tho' not always.
Case in point...Hot Topic
They market to young peeps
who don't want to dress in mainstream fashions.
Think punk, goth, emo & vampy.
Think ME!
(I'm da kewlest middle aged babe in da store!)
One of the exclusive brands Hot Topic carries is
I don't wear a lot of face make up, just some lipstick
& maybe mascara for special occasions
where I want peeps to see that I do indeed have eye lashes.
I do however wear a lot of nail polish!
I like not only the price & quality
($5 per bottle & 2@$8 most of the time),
I really like the lil SKULL bottles!
So I have quite a few polishes from them
& realized that I hadn't worn most of them.
Until now!
 I totally case'd Missy's Hyperspace design for this!
It was pretty easy & fun to do.
 Da line up ~ Blackheart Beauty Moonshade, Nebula, High Maintenance,
Electric kiss, V-day Pink, Blue Ombre & a metallic gunmetal gray
at doesn't have a name on the bottle & isn't on their site.
(High Maintenance is reactive & turns white under black light!)
On da cap of High Maintenance
is da roll of red/pink holographic skinny striping tape
that Nailiciouss sent me for review.
It is SO pretty I almost hated using it
for a tape mani where I didn't leave it on!
Da tape is included with da Nail Art Mixes & da colors are assorted
so every one you get is a surprise! I like surprises.
 2 coats on each nail ~
thumb has V-Day Pink
index has Electric Kiss
middle has High Maintenance
ring has Nubula
pinky has Moonshade,
Da shimmers were a bit sheer & streaky on da 1st coat,
but evened out & were opaque on da 2nd go around.
 Since High Maintenance is a crème,
I want to give it some bling & added 2 coats of Blue Ombre.
(I'm not sure why they call it this cuz it's a fire flakie,
tho it is in a sheer bright blue base.)
I then I added one coat to the rest of my nails to coordinate them.
All this was followed up with a coat of Seche Vite
to get them cured faster.
Following Missy's excellent directions, I
 added striping tape to all of my nails.
I used da tape I got from Nailiciouss to review
& it was not only really pretty,
but easy to work with!
It stayed stuck where I put it, but was easy to pull off.
(Nailiciouss includes a free roll when you buy one of their
Nail Art Mixes with rhinestones, mylar, gleequins & fimo shapes.)
I applied a thickish coat of the metallic gunmetal polish to one nail,
then pulled da tape that nail off using tweezers.
Repeat for da rest of da nails.
I cleaned up da sloppies & added a final coat of SV.
Methinks I'll be doing this design again using gitd!
Next up ~ Had To Have It, Still Haven't Worn It

>^. .^<
 Ciri Spam!
One of His Royal Tininess of Cuteitude's fav toys is
He just goes to town on it
& since I usually get several sheets of it with my Stampin' Up! orders
he gets to play with it at least once a month.
 He likes to see his paws moving about under da wrap.
 Yes, he bites da bubbles to 'kill' them!
 He also shakes his prey to stun it senseless.
 Gotta make sure nothing is hiding underneath...
...and another good shaking, just to make sure it's dead.
Yeah, I'm into cheap entertainment. LOL
Thanks for stopping by,
now go check out da other ladies' boutique nails!
~ Inky


  1. I don't have a Hot Topic near me, but I have stalked their online store several times when they have had polish on sale. I love those bottles and have put several in a cart, only to change my mind because I wasn't sure about the quality. Plus, there are so few swatches online, which is how I usually choose to purchase since what is in the bottle does not always translate to the nail. Now I may have to follow through and actually purchase some!

    1. Dang! You just missed a 25% off everything on site sale. Some of these were a lil sheer to start, but so far I haven't had any issues except the layered in the bottle polishes. Those are just weird! Fortunately the 2 I have shook up into something wearable. Some of those color combos are sure to turn to mud when mixed. LOL

  2. Replies
    1. Aren't they! The glow-in-the-dark is lots of fun to see cuz of the bottle. LOL

  3. Don't talk to me about hot topic with the stupid disney clothes that cost me $50 dollars to ship here -_- its not on! Those are some pretty polishes I have to say

    1. International shipping...the bane of global shopping! LOL
      They are fun & I love the bottles. <3

  4. i love those skully bottles, too. i only have two, i need a bunch more. i just rarely go to the mall to get em! but the mani - perfecto!

    1. They're a better polish than one might think & often on sale....I want more of them too! LOL

  5. I adore what you did here! Great tape mani. And the Blackheart polishes are awesome (plus skull bottle = HECK YEAH!)

    1. Thanks! I had fun doing them & a good thing. LOL


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