Wednesday, April 16, 2014

TGPNPC ~ Jelly

Hello Dahlings!
Some of these prompts are hard
due to not having much to choose from.
Others are hard due to too many choices.
This prompt is one of da latter!
I had pulled 3 purple jelly polishes
out for this prompt a couple of weeks ago,
Then I had to go & make some frankens
that might also work for today's mani.
After poling da Glittah Pirates & getting
as the top answer...
I decided to go with my newest lacquer babies.
 I know this doesn't look like a jelly mani.
Let me 'splain...
 I started with da set of Nabi GITD polishes that didn't really glow,
but are all jellies bordering on tints.
(These are da older round bottle gitds.
Da newer square bottle Nabi gitd work very well!)
I then bought gitd powder from Misfits on 8th in colors
(except for da yellow, it was out of stock)
that matched da polishes.
I added da powders to up da glow factor
as well as changing da names.
then I added some Spectraflair35
to give them a bit of daytime bling.
This is where things got a lil strange.
I was able to get Grape Knee High, Pink Lemonade & Lime Sorbet
to both glow & have a bit of a linear rainbow.
Cherry Pie lost some glow & Orange Sherbet turned yellow.
I added more gitd powder to both,
but was at risk of turning them too opaque & obscuring da holo.
 See? Da red is a wee bit too opaque & da orange isn't orange.
Da other colors look fine
& if I think of da orange as yellow, it works too.
More putzing may be required!
I used 2 coats of Finger Paints Paper Mache
as my base under these sheer babies.
 I got a good glow into everybody but da red.
 I then used Finger Paints Black Expressionism
with this butterfly wing image
from Vivid Lacquer plates VL002 & VL004.
(da image on VL002 is larger than da one on VL004)
My Glow-in-the-dark, weak linear holo, stamped jelly nails!
Da stamping could be better,
but I surprised myself when I went to stamp da larger image &
 realized that my nails have gotten just a smidge too long.
(look at my thumb, da image doesn't go from cuticle to tip)
So I have to either pick plates with larger images for now
or file my nails back.
Oh da woes of a nail art blogger!
Next up ~ Indie!
>^. .^<
Me likey when your nails glow like my eyes...
All da better to pounce on you in da dark!
(I move my hands with gitd nails to adjust my blankets
& I end up with a furry bracelet. LOL)
Thanks for stopping by!
Now go have some jelly goodness
at da other Glittah Pirates playgrounds!
~ Inky


  1. Very cool! And the stamps look good. I hate when my plates are too small.

    And as always, I love the Frankens! But that brings up an important question... When are you going to make me some Frankens? Huh? When already??

    1. Thanks! With your uber claws I'd think most plates wouldn't have large enough full nail images. LOL It wasn't a big deal before, but now that I'm stamping more, I'm noticing that most on my plates don't fit my nails at this length.

      Dahling, why didn't you say something? If you pm me on Facebook we can chat about it. <3

    2. ROFL!! Uber claws! Going to pm you now

  2. His eyes are glowing!!! I am loving these glowing butterflys

    1. Yep, they do that when I take a pic at the right angle. He loves to play in my camp prep bag too & jump in/out every time I get it out. LOL too! Methinks I'll be a lil sad to take them off tonight.

  3. This is really gorgeous!! Stunningly gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! I wish I had been able to have it on both hands & wear it longer than 2 days. LOL

    2. Sigh...the unsung mini-tragedy of the nail blogger. We never get to keep on our stuff for long. It's like that whole 'cobbler's kids go without shoes' thing, lol. Definitely frustrating at times!


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