Friday, April 4, 2014

First Friday Franken ~ Mega Punk 4.0

Hello Dahlings!
Yes, I'm still in pursuit of creating a
neon purple linear holographic polish.
Let's see how I'm doing...
 From left to right:
Pinky ~ Mega Punk 4.0
made from Spectraflair35, glitter suspension base,
neon purple powder pigment, a lil clear polish
& some polish thinner
Ring ~ Mega Punk 1.0
made from Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple
& I Love Nail Polish Mega
Middle ~ Mega Punk 2.0
made from neon purple eye shadow,
Philly Loves Lacquer It's Always Sunny
& a few drops of 1.0
Index ~ Mega Punk 3.0
made from Wet N' Wild Deception,
ILNP Mega plus a few drops of 1.0
 1.0 is the color I want, but it has no rainbow.
2.0 has a weak rainbow, but is too pink.
3.0 has a very week rainbow, but leans too purple.
4.0 has the best rainbow, but is too pink.
Back to da drawing board...
more putzing is required!
 Just for fun I added Pueen gitd water decals.
I got a set of 24 asst designs for $16 on Amazon Prime.
While I have water decals in my nail art embellishment stash,
I haven't used them was EASY!!!
This is what they look like under black light.
I find it interesting that the pigment based versions
of Mega Punk are a different color
than the polish based ones.
In da sink da lil zippers glowed with full detail!
They were easy to remove too cuz they dissolved in da acetone,
unlike stickers that have to be pulled off
or fished out of da acetone jar I use to remove polish.
 Obviously I need to do more putzing
if I want to make a neon purple holo polish,
but I am getting closer!
>^. .^<
Ciri decided to try something new...
 Eating with chopsticks!
 If his Paw does something...
...Ciri wants to do it too.
(Sorry da pics are fuzzy.
It was nigh on impossible
to not vibrate with laughter
while taking these!)
Monday starts da Never Ending Pile Challenge!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I'm liking the ring finger the best. LOL at Ciri

    1. That's the color I want! I just have to figure out how to put a holo rainbow in it. LOL


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