Wednesday, April 9, 2014

TGPNPC ~ Pastel

Hello Dahlings!

Today I have some pastel polishes I hadn't gotten around to wearing.

 Easter mani time!
We don't really celebrate Easter in da Inky house,
but we do enjoy some of da more pagan aspects
like candy, bunnies & party eggs.

 Da line up ~ Finger Paints Paper Mache', Revlon Gum Drop,
Orly Flirty Girl, Stampin' Up! Crisp Cantaloupe,
Pistachio Pudding & Coastal Cabana plus Konad Princess White
(only Paper Mache has been used before)

Do y'all remember my showing you 2 plates I got from Amazon?
No? Well you can see them HERE. Scroll to da bottom to see da plates.
Anywho, I mentioned at da time that plate XY11
had images that dup'd plates already out there. I was right.
Da 3 Easter images are slightly smaller versions of images
in da Bundle Monster Holiday set.
I don't mind since 2 sizes allows me to pick
which image will better fit each nail.

Next up ~ Random

>^. .^<
Who needs a bunny when you have a cat with bunny toes?

Thanks for stopping by
& please visit da other ladies pastel manis!
~ Inky


  1. Replies
    1. LOL I do have a lot of bottles to plow through. I REALLY needed this challenge. <3

  2. Look at all those untried polishes lol.. great gradient too! Lovely colors

  3. Your slaying this challenge! Super cute nails


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