Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weird Wednesdys ~ Nailiciouss Sponsored Post!

Hello Dahlings!
Yes, you read da title correctly...
I'm doing my 1st ever sponsored post!
This one is on da longish side so go grab a beverage,
go potty & then get comfy for da ride!
 Here's a sneak peek of da fun to come!
In March I tried really, really hard to stick to an online no buy.
I only bought some franking supplies
& since those aren't actual polish or nail art embellishments,
they don't count...right?
One of the things I did buy were a dozen adorable rounded
square mini polish bottles with PINK caps that you can see HERE!
I got them from Nailiciouss on eBay.
My well wrapped order
(I mean every bottle bubbled for it's comfort & safety)
arrived in about a week & was followed by a message
thru eBay asking if my order arrived & was all well.
It was & in my return message
I let them know how cute I thought their bling was.
Christina offered to send me some for revue.
I said Yes please! Duh!
So last week an envie chocked full of sweetly wrapped
assorted Fimo & bling bits arrived.
(I'll show you da loot in next Sunday's Show & Tell.)
Today's mani is what caught my eye as a must do 1st!
This lil Empire of Bling is run by a dynamic mother & daughter duo.
They hand mix their assortments,
hand slice all of the Fimo cane bits
& they hand make their unique mice canes!
Have you ever cut Fimo canes for nail art?
It's FREAKIN HARD my Dahlings!
To work well they have to be cut very thin AND very even.
Well Christina does just that & she does it very well indeed!
Take a look...
 Wafer thin!
What kind of goodies will you find at their store? In Fimo they have hearts & flowers, a zoo full of critters, enuf Hello Kitties & bows to fill a rainbow plus their unique Mouse cane slices in every color & pattern for every occasion. They also carry 2 sizes of cane slices! The standard Fimo quarter inch or so cane size & JUMBO cane slices! They have color themed bling-tastic assortments with gems, gleequins, mylar shreadies & cane slices...Oh My! You can see da whole shebang for yourself HERE. Go ahead, I'll wait!
Ready for da scoop?
I know some of you are thinking
'I've looked at Fimo before 
& it was it too pricey for slices,
too hard to cut myself to save money
& what da heck do I do with them anyway?'
Let me 'splain...
For starters, Nailiciouss offers not only offers generous quality servings of Fimo bits & bling starting at $.99 with FREE shipping to the US, Christina & Emily include EXTRA blingy bits for your nail art pleasure with every order! You can have a butt-tonne of fun for a modest amount of green, so da too pricey excuse don't fly.
You don't have to cut them yourself
cuz they be done for you way better
than I know I can do it.
Next excuse to crumble, please!
What to do with them?
Put them on your nails!
This is easy to do cuz Fimo is flexible
& with a dab of clear polish underneath da slices
they will curve to fit your nails.
(see above pic)
Add your fav top coat & you're good to go!
They can also be recycled!
Fimo doesn't dissolve in acetone.
So you can get more than one mani from your fav bits,
but if that's too much hassle for you, 
da price is so low that you can chuck them after removal
& go buy more! 
How about the detail of stickers & water decals
without da fear of tearing them or messing up your polish 
if you need to nudge them into place?
Da Fimo bits & other bling offered by Nailiciouss
are sturdy enuf to easily use
& delicate enuf to look really, really kewl!
So you really don't have any excuse
to not stock up on d bling, now do you?
You still with me?
Wanna see what I just had to put on my nails ASAP?
Read on my Dahlings!
 Da line up ~ I'll Take Mine To Glow, Please?
(frankened by me)
& Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer Posies & Peonies
 2 milky white coats of I'll Take Mine To Glow, Please?
Why did I make a white polish? Keep scrolling...
 Under black light... da sink!
I wanted a white base gitd purple polish, so I made one.
(Thank you Misfits on 8th!)
 2 coats of Posies & Peonies
Asst sizes of bright pink, lavender, black & holo silver galore!
No fishing required
& only a lil dabbing to spread da goodness around.
Oh! Did I say I was on a no buy last month?
Cherish recently had a 27% off sale to celebrate 
the birthday of someone near & dear to her
& considering her full size polishes are only $6...
she made me break my no buy!
I made it 26 days. LOL
(I'll have my 'what no buy?' order in next Sunday's Show & Tell!)
But wait, don't go! I'm not done yet...
(Yeah, I'm 46 yrs old
& get all squishy 'tween da ears over Hello Kitty.
Deal with it. LMBBO)
Lookee at da assortment of Kitty heads
Christina sent for me to play with!
Under my nails in da wheel I sorted them into
are lil HK bows in many colors, styles & sizes.
 P&P not only has some of my fav colors,
it also has holo micro glitter & goes perfectly with Hello Kitty!
Not only do da pink glitters in P&P glow under black light,
So does Hello Kitty!
My thanks to Christina & Emily
for letting me play with their nifty bling
& trusting me to show it off!
Stay tuned, Inky fans, for more nail art
featuring Nailiciouss
cuz I like to wear my personality on my nails!
>^. .^<
 What? I sleeping all cute on ur purple pillow... gots Hello Kitty on ur claws?
Lemme see!
Now go visit Christina & Emily at Nailiciouss
& treat yourself to some nail art fun
without breaking your piggy bank!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky
P.S. How'd I do?


  1. Super cute! awesome name for your gitd

    1. Thanks! I'm still wearing it. LOL Between She Sells Seashells & Nailiciouss, I have no concern about nail art bling shortages in my future. LMBBO


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