Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Quickie ~ Neon Purple with Holo TC!

Hello Dahlings!
So there was this time, at band camp,
when I tried to make a neon purple holo polish?
No, wait! I never went to band camp
& did unmentionable things with a flute.
I have been trying to create a linear holo neon purple polish.
Not there yet!
(more about my frankening adventures next Friday)
It was suggested by my polish pal Sarah Penny Pinching Polish
that I just use a holo top coat over neon purple polish.
Well DUH!, but where's da challenge in that? LOL
But just to show I'm open minded enuf for my brains to fall out,
I thought I'd give it a go & see if it would satisfy my craving
until I can make what I want, what I really really want.
So here's what I did...
 Sparkly neon purple holo blingasm!
 Da line up ~ Jesse Girl Wild Thing,
 2 coats of Wild Thing
It streaked.
It patched.
It bubbled.
Da only it had going for it was da color
& it's not like there aren't a bazillion other neon purples
out there that behave much better than this one
& many of those cost less
than da $4 price of this 10ml bottle of bleh.
(run on sentence much...yep!)
 1 coat of Holo-y Goodness!
This bling fest goes a long way
towards hiding da defects of da base color!
I 1st bought from this rising star indie last summer.
Da bottles have changed, but not da polish goodness inside!
 Cuz I can't leave well enuf alone,
I added green glitter racing stripes using
Shany 15 & my fav skinny striper brush from Essence.
(Da mani on my other hand used similar colors
& adding da stripes to this mani meant my hands sorta matched)
I sealed in da bling with a coat of Seche Vite & called it good.
So yes, adding a holo tc over a plain polish works.
In fact, it's an excellent way to have lots of holo fun
without having to buy holo polish in every color
from every indie & big brand out there.
Not that I let a good idea stop me from buying more polish!
>^. .^<
At Christmas, my mom brought Ciri his own pressie
of a particular cat nip toy from a brand called Hot Cat
Sold by Full Circle Herbs in Oregon
using only catnip grown in Washington.
(so they're local for us)
This toys not only drives nip loving cats insane,
they're very well made & last for years,
even with an occasional run thru da washing machine
for hygiene purposes.
So did Ciri like his? I'll let you be da judge...
 suck suck suck
 nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle
 lick lick lick
(I don't know how a cat this small has a tongue THAT big!)
 chew chew chew
 rub rub rub
I think he likes it a lot!
I have to keep it in a drawer when he's not playing with it
cuz they other cats will steal it,
even tho they each have one of their own.
More about storing it later...
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I have seen some holo toppers that I thought were very underwhelming. Even fell for the idea and got one that just has scattered holo particles. Have been looking for a linear layering lovely. Think this one would fit the bill?

    1. It's more rainbow-y in person & didn't change the base color, so yes. Also good if you use 2 coats are ILNP My Private Rainbow (L) tho it's more subtle than HG. Born Pretty Store has a silvery white holo that also works tho you want to get it on sale cuz it's way too much $ for the lil bottle at regular price. The best I've used so far is Frosty Snot from LynB Designs, but it's LE from December, Jenna did say she might consider releasing it again next winter.

  2. FUNKY FRENCH!!! Tiggy just dribbles over cat nip, and Tilly is too young for it

    1. Yep! My go-to, fail safe mani. lol

      A recent study learned that there is a gene that makes them either like it or not respond to it. If Tilly ignores cat nip, she may not be wired to like it. Tiggy might like a Hot Cat toy! He could wrap around it & drool to his lil heart's content.


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