Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pink Holo Comparison w/Choco Cat Stamping!

Hello Dahlings!
Time for another comparison!
Today I have 5 pinkish linear holo polishes
that looked somewhat similar in da bottle.
On da nail was a different story...
See what I mean?
In da pic below, they look like some of them might be dups.
Nope! Not even close. 
 Da line up ~ Nabi Lavender 20, Color Club Cloud Nine,
Jade Aurora, Up Colors Lilas Chrome & Nabi Fushia 22
(all nails show 2 coats)
 Pinky ~ Nabi Lavender 20
The Nabi holos I have don't have strong rainbows,
but they are pretty & a great value.
This one wasn't very patchy to apply.
(some of da other Nabi holos required me to wait
until da 1st coat was dry before adding da 2nd.
I have SUCH a wait problem!)
 Ring ~ Color Club Cloud Nine
It's from da Halo Hues 2012 collection.
This means non-patchy application & a strong rainbow.
Both da 2012 & 2013 collections work great for nail art
& can be used for stamping.
 Middle ~ Jade Aurora
Easy application with a medium rainbow.
Jades usually have a strong rainbow,
so I was a bit disappointed in this one from the 2013 release.
It's pretty & all,
but it lacks the WOW factor of the earlier polishes.
 Index ~ Up Colors Lilas Chrome
No application issues.
I thought this one was a linear,
but if it truly is, I'm not seeing it.
It's pretty, but not a linear holo as far as I'm concerned.
 Thumb ~ Nabi Fushia 22
Who'd a thunk it?
After all my putzing around,
trying to make a neon purple linear holo
it turns out I already have one!
Well, sort of...da rainbow is pretty weak.
(like my other Nabi holos)
Even so, it's a really pretty color
that flashes a golden undertone in sunlight.
Da more I use da Nabi holos, da more I like them...
even if they don't have da strongest rainbows.
After twisting my hand every which way but up,
trying to capture rainbows in my pics,
I added some stamping using Konad Black & these images...
This one is off FabUrNails Fun 10 plate
(I noticed later that this plate also has a face image of Choco!)
 These 2 images are from the $18 set of knockoff plates I got thru Amazon.
Yeah, it was a done deal as soon as I saw da set had Choco Cat.
 I also included these tiny paw prints off Vivid plate VL 001
Ta Da!
I got this plastic Choco Cat toy thru Amazon.
He's just SO CUTE!!!
I can't pick a fav out of this bunch cuz they're all different
& lovely in their own right.
Da Nabi Holos I have came in a set of 24 thru amazon.
(The price has dropped since I bought my set
& right now they're offering FREE shipping!)
Da Jade & Up Colors polishes are from Llarowe.
I got my Halo Hues from Enospring.
>^. .^<
I have my very own Choco Cat!
Poor Ziggy has allergies
& spring means snot monsters.
He also has long fangs.
Da other one is almost as long as da one showing,
but tends to stay inside his mouth.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Kitty cat nails!! Ahaha I've never seen a cat with a fang hanging out

    1. That set is 90% cat/Hello Kitty images!
      Ziggy has a serious sabre tooth look when both are hanging out. lol


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