Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Weird Wednesdays ~ NAAGGC Fail!

Hello Dahlings!
One of da advantages
of living in the 3rd to last time zone on earth
is that my Wednesday post isn't late by my clock. LOL
Today I have one of 2 failed manis from da NAAGG Challenge.
Let's face it...not all ideas earn an A+.
I got an F on this 1st attempt at Jewel Tone nails...
 Da line up ~ Revlon Pure Pearl, L.A. Colors Black Pearl
& Sally Hansen Lapis Amethyst
(I thought I was being so clever
picking polishes with jewel names.)
 This is 2 patchy, streaky, bubbled coats of Pure Pearl.
I keep using it & keep being disappointed
in how it goes on & looks when dry.
I'm not sure why I haven't frankened this polish yet.
I wonder how it would look as a white pearl holo?
 I made a DIY decal using this image off Mash plate 54 & Black Pearl
(another attempt to include something 'jewel')
 The decals turned out ok,
but for reasons yet unfigured out,
whenever I trim a decal to just the image
I can't seem to get the edges to play nice.
 And for the final indignity...2 coats of Lapis Amethyst.
This is a really nice early duo chrome from SH's Prism line.
It looks like it would be fairly sheer in the bottle,
but those 2 coats nearly obliterated the gunmetal jewels.
No mater how I turned my hand, those jewels staid hidden.
I sealed this hideous mess in
with a coat of Seche Vite out of habit,
but took it all off the next day.
>^. .^<
 I trying to be more diggy-fied, Meowmy...
(We hope Ciri never loses his sweet kitten playfulness! )
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I tried my hand at decals a couple of weeks ago....MAJOR FAIL! Your getting so good at them

    1. Mostly, but not for this mani. LOL Methinks there is something in your bday box that will help you. <3

  2. You are too hard on yourself. IDK, maybe you just couldn't tell so much in the pictures, but I think they looked nice. And I love that Lapis...

    1. LOL The mani was technically fine, it was my idea that failed. Lapis Amethyst is gorgeous! Just more opaque than I thought it would be. LOL


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