Sunday, March 30, 2014

Does It Stamp?

Hello Dahlings!
It's been a while since I've done one of these posts.
My only excuse is that I've been a Polish Ho of da 1st order
& had so many nifty lacquers to share that it took many posts
over several months to show it all.
Does It Stamp?
What is it?
If you've done any nail art stamping
or even just looked as possibly trying it,
You may have noticed that official stamping polishes
tend to come in small bottles & are a lil pricey.
These polishes are too thick to use as full nail color
& many are even too thick to use for nail art.
They are formulated to be thick enuf to hold their shape
& opaque enuf to not allow the base color on your nails to show thru.
These posts are me showing you what regular polishes I've found
that can be used to stamp on your nails.
You may already have many of these in your stash
& just didn't know you could use them this way!
It all starts with da question:
Do you have to use stamping polish to stamp on your nails?
Heck no!
I did a whole thing on what I look for in a regular polish
& how I test them for stamping suitability HERE
(da rest of this post will make more sense if you read that post, really!)
Sometimes I show polishes grouped by color
& sometimes polishes that come in sets.
Sets are usually a good value over individual bottles,
but there are lots of reasonably priced single polishes
that will work as well. 
Here are 2 of my latest greatest finds 
for usable as stamping polish sets:
Nabi Metallics
I've bought several sets from Nabi on Amazon
& one of the best things about buying polish this way
is that even with shipping, the price per bottle is usually under $1.50.
This brand usually sells it's individual bottles for $3.95 - $4.95US.
I got this particular set of Metallic polishes for $30US + $10.80 s/h.
That's $1.36 per bottle!
27 out of da 30 stamped great & da 3 that were iffy
I may be able to putz with bring up their opacity.
All of these names start with 'Metallic',
but typing that 30 times ain't gonna happen.
Also, Nabi has some, shall we say, unique spellings
& odd color names for some of it's polishes.
These names & spellings aren't always consistent
between the several styles of polishes they offer,
tho' da same actual colors are used repeatedly.
So some of these look a lot like the Sand
& Volcano Ash texture polish colors I've already shared.
Same pigments, different finishes
& possibly different names with different spellings.
I can live with this for da price!
 Wine Red 143, Red 139 & Coral 133
 Gold 128, Cinnamon 147, Bronze 140 & Black Brown 154
 Shappire 136, Emerald 138, Lime 152 & Punky 129
(Emerald has a matte foil finish, where all da others are semi gloss foils)
 Sky blue 145 & L. Blue 131
 Purple 135, Fuschia 134 & Lilac II 141
 Wine 142, Lilac 132 & Pink 137
 Cinnamon 153, Dark Fuschia 154, Lavender 150 & Champagne 144
 Black 148, Charcoal 130, Silver 127 & White 155
Dark Per 147, New Gold 151 & Orange 149
You can see that these are da 3 that didn't stamp well by my standards.
Technically, they stamped just fine.
They do show up over white, but not so much over black,
& are sheer enuf that using them over a colored base will alter da color.
i.e. New Gold stamped over a blue base color
will look green with yellow sparklies.
I'm going to add some silver foil polish to them
to raise da opacity without changing da color.
(I hope! Frankening can yield surprising results. LOL)
JLB Cosmetics Metallic Candy Collection
I found this set at Ross for around $7
They often have odd lots of obscure brands as well as
occasional sets of well known brands like OPI & Color Club.
I went back to see if they had anymore, but my local store was out.
I did find a couple sets on eBay, but for more than I paid.
Check 'em out!
 Russian Red 6, Sand Storm 3 & Twenty Four Karat 2
(I used Twenty Four Karat HERE)
Garden of Eden 5, Denim Steel 4, Mystic Purple 7 & Platinum 1
(I used Garden of Eden HERE)
Mystic Purple was da iffy one in da set.
It stamped,
but it's dark enuf that it didn't show up over black very well.
Putzing may ensue with this one as well.
That's all folks!
I may have another Show & Tell for you next week
& maybe not.
If not, I'll show you more polishes that stamp.
Once da Never Ending Pile Challenge starts 
I may not post on Sundays for a while.
I'm not sure yet.
April is a really busy Stampin' Up! month for me
& I may not have time to test more polish. We'll see...
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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