Sunday, March 2, 2014

Show & Tell!

Hello Dahlings!

Even tho' I wanted February to be low buy month
& I did place fewer orders than I did in January...
I still ended up with enuf nifty stuff to show you to do 3 S&T posts.
Yep, I'm a polish ho!
Let's take a look see at what got me all hot & bothered...

Early in February, ILNP did a pre-order for their Spring Release.
I couldn't decide which one's I just had to have...
so I bought them all!
(ILNP discounts all PO polish $1 per bottle to entice us to get them.)

 New Ultra Chromes!

 Reminisce, Sirene, Undefined

 New Pastel Holos!

 Princeton, Music Box, Cutie Pop

 More New Holos!

 Charmingly Purple, Kings & Queens, Dreaming In Violet

 And last but certainly not least...

Mega & Nostalgia (H)

I don't know how Barbra & her hubby make their
Ultra Chromes so ding dang mesmerizing
or get such a strong rainbow in light colors,
but they do it over & over again!
All of these yummy gotta have polishes will be available starting March 7th, 2014.


Kirsten is very good at making me break my no buys!
She started a Villain of the Month LE line
& each villain has a mini minion polish to go with it
that is only available when you buy the Villain & 3 more full size polishes.
I is such a sucker! LOL

 These are the '3' full size polishes I got so I could get the mini minion.
I clearly need tutoring in math. LMBBO

 Knockback Jinx

 It's a GITD!

 In Shadow I Hide

 Yep, it glows too!

 Mirror Mask
It has REAL silver flakes!

 The Oddball
It has soft green & purple flaki-eque glitter
that I almost completely failed to capture in my pic.

 Music of the Night

 Another GITD!

A color shifting, pale grayed lavender holo

 These are da 2 culprits that set this spree off...

 Queen of Hearts...

...White Rabbit!
QofH has a camera shy pink shimmer that is anything but subtle IRL.
White Rabbit has asst white bits & not only the red hearts & diamonds shown,
but black spades & clubs too! Alas, these 2 were only available in February, but the March Villain & minion can be yours if you act NOW!

P.S. Kirsten announced on her FB page that she'll be closing her Big Cartel store soon. She plans on moving those polishes to her Etsy site, but that may or may not happen quickly.


This is a new to me indie brand, but you'll see why I had to buy from her...

 Oh yeah, she got neon!

 Violetta (topper), Tained Love & Ever After... black light...

 ...and in da sink!

She got monochromes too!
  Phenomenal, Unorthodox, Summer Lights & Snow Glow

 Unorthodox, Summer Lights & Snow Glow in black light...

 ...and in da sink!

 Phenomenal, Unorthodox & Tainted Love are also Thermals!

They carry a good variety of nail art sticker stencil decals.
I going to give these tiny zig zags a whirl soon!

My Gal stamping plates from Amazon
I got these 2 plates for both da images & da price.
However, I'm not yet convince I made a wise purchase.
This XL plate has all kinds of US copyrighted images
that can be hard to find on stamping plates.
This is good!
it can be difficult to judge scale
when looking at something online.
 These babies are HUGE!
I mean like large full nail image size.
Like won't fit on most nails cuz they're too big.
Like I won't be able to fit most of da images on my nails,
even my thumb isn't big enuf & I have rather large nails.
However, if stamped on decals 
& then carefully placed to best advantage...
I might at least get da character faces
& some of the body on my nails.
We'll just have to see how it goes...
This one is smaller than da one above.
More like FabUrNails & Bunnynails plates in size.
Some of these images are on other plates I have,
but most them aren't, so I'm fine with da dupage.
The full size designs are slightly smaller than
the 300 series Bundle Monster plate shown here for comparison.
They aren't as small as the 1st Red Angel plate set,
so should fit on most nails. I have higher hopes for this plate.
Neither plate is backed, so be careful when handling them.
They seem like a good value,
but if you have dainty nails I recommend you skip da XL plate.
If da LC-18 plate were the same size as da XY11 plate
da size of da images would be fine...bigger is not always better.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I can imagine you opening your glow in the dark draw every night before bed.....I totally would do that

    1. I lie there waving my glowing tips at Ciri.
      He likes 'hunting' my nails at bed time.
      Oh...sometimes I put my hands together with the tips nearly touching & wake Mr Inky up with the glowing monster teeth. LMBBO

  2. Work cut my hours, so I am on a huge no buy. A few Pahlish did sneak into a cart this week, but don't tell the hubby! Have you seen the technique for enlarging stamping images? There is also one for shrinking the images. I will see if I can find you the YouTube video for you.

    1. I won't tell if you don't! LOL

      No & I want to!!! That plate has a lot of fun images that won't fit on King Kong's nails, let alone a female nail art blogger's. Thanks Ms. T-bird! <3

    2. I found it (with help from the lovely ladies at AIS). It is in a foreign language, but it is fully self explanitory.

  3. Oh wow, I love your ho-age! I had a major no-buy throughout Feb, and only bought 6 polishes all month so I'm living vicariously through you while I wait for my nail mail :D x

    1. Enjoy the S&T posts while they last, cuz I'm on a no buy now too. LOL I've had a lot of Ho-ing fun that last few months & it caught up with me. Now I have to be a good lil Inky. AAAAAAAAH!!!!!! At least I have lots of fun untrieds to play with & on the nail stamping to practice. This might keep me out of trouble, maybe. LOL

  4. Replies
    1. Does it make you feel better that I'm on a no buy this month & probably at least a low buy in April? LOL


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