Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weird Wednesdays ~ Mega Punk 2.0 & Friends!

Hello Dahlings!
My 1st Friday Franken last week was a bit of a bust, so I decided to try again.
I wanted to see if I could find neon purple/fuchsia eye shadow or other powder make up in this color, but I knew I wasn't likely to find it in a drugstore & I didn't want to spend big bucks. I also didn't want to buy it online since between monitor & photography variances, I might not end up with da color I wanted even tho it looks like da right color online. 
On Sunday Mr Inky & I went for dim sum (YUM!) & right next door is da ethnic beauty supply store where I buy my Ruby Kisses polish. So I popped over after noms to see if they had what I was looking for. Nope. They've been cutting back on face make up since it doesn't sell so well for them.
Then I remembered that there was an off brand,
discount, ethnic beauty supply around the corner.
I had Mr Inky take me there & SCORE!
I got out Mega Punk, Mega & some other frankening supplies
when we got home & I went to work...
(now would be da time to go potty, grab a drink etc)
 Say Hi to Mega Punk & her new sister Mega punk 2.0!
2.0 is a wee bit dif than da original,
but I think it still qualifies as a neon purple.
 I started with da leftover I Love Nail Polish Mega
 I then used a pointy metal tool to gently scrape da fuchsia eye shadow in this palette from Santee I found for $3.99 at da off brand BS. I wiped most of da polish off da bottle brush then used it to pick up da eye shadow to add it to da bottle. I did this for quite awhile, but wasn't getting quite da color I wanted so I added a lil Mega Punk. Not too much cuz I didn't want to mask da holo again.
Frankening tips for you:
1) You need to be very careful when adding pigment powders to polish that you don't inhale them cuz this would be bad for you. So don't sneeze or sit near an open window or fan when you're putzing with polish & powders.
2) Start with either a 1/2 full bottle or decant your base into an empty bottle. You have to leave room for the pigments as well as possibly more polish or thinner.
3) Only add a lil powder at a time, like 3 brushes worth, then close da bottle & shake it well to dissolve da powder. (I bought a container of Zinc/Nickel BBs at a hunting/gun supply store to add as mixing balls. They do rust if they get wet with water, but they work fine with polish. Stainless steel balls are better, but they cost a lot more & are harder to find. Don't get da plastic air soft BB's, they melt in polish.)
4) Do a test swipe on glossy paper to check da color & opacity before adding more powder. If you have streaks of color, you need to shake da bottle more.
5) If the polish starts getting really thick...STOP! If you add too much powder it will absorb all of the polish & turn into a pasty hot mess that can't be thinned out again.
I know, I've tried.
6) Add more holo polish or clear (da slow drying type) to thin it out. Shake very well. 
7) If you're not getting da color you want, rethink what colors you're using. MP 2.0 was more blue than da original, so I added a few drops of da original to tweak it. You may need to add a lighter/darker or warmer/cooler color to shift your creation. White & black polishes can help with lightening or darkening, but only add a few drops at a time & check da color before you add more. It's pretty much impossible to remove what you've added, so don't go nuts.
So how did I do?
 Mega Punk
 Mega Punk 2.0
 I almost got a rainbow!
Well, I got closer than last time.
I decided 2.0 needed some playmates...
Philly Loves Lacquer It's Always Sunny.
This is a top coat holo.
It's a good polish, but it's too silver & shifts da base color.
So I decided to use it to make franken babies.
I also grabbed some Moon Glow craft pigments.
I used Morning Magenta Violet.
(a blue leaning magenta that is almost a duo chrome)
 I think this is very pretty, but not very holo.
 Almost got a rainbow here too.
Let's see if I can make da 3rd holo I want...
 I Love Nail Polish My Private Rainbow (L)
Another holo topper.
This one doesn't shift da base color,
but it isn't as strong a holo as Mega or It's Always Sunny.
So I mixed it with some IAS in an empty bottle.
 I added Pearl Ex Pearl White craft pigment powder
& Revlon Perfect Pearl.
(da Revlon is far from perfect being rather sheer,
streaky & prone to bubbling)
 There's a hint of almost rainbow in da bottle,
but it looks more like a pearly white metallic.
Nope, not a holo by a long shot.
What should I do with these 3 usable,
but less than perfect polishes I've created?
Wear them, of course!
 Da line up ~ Punk Pearl, Mega Punk 2.0 & Morning Violet
 2 coats of Punk Pearl.
Da holo polish did tone down da streakiness,
but da Revlon tendency to bubble is still there.
I do like this creation tho' cuz it shows true as a metallic
with only silver glints from da holo bits.
My commercially made white metallics tend to have rainbow glints.
 I used da mini chevron sticker forms I got from Polish Me To Go
to make zig zags on my nails.
Those hidden rainbows are trying to show!
0 for 4
I guess I need to keep working on creating da neon holos I crave.
>^. .^<
Too many sads...I can't look!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Dahling! Alas, they aren't neons.

  2. This is awesome. I keep hearing about this technique, but have never seen a result from someone who actually tried it. These look gorgeous! And I love your pictures--your photography is getting really really good!!!!!

    1. Thanks! Frankening isn't hard, just a wee bit messy on occasion & one has to learn when to stop adding pigment. They turned out pretty enuf, but I'm still craving a neon purple linear holo. LOL

      Learning how to use my camera & edit go a long way towards better pics. LOL

  3. i love your frankening adventures! and the mani you did with those is fab!!


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