Monday, March 10, 2014

Mondy Quickie ~ I stamped on Texture!

Hello Dahlings!
I've been practicing my on nail stamping
& by Jove, I think I'm finally getting da hang of it!
So I pulled a bunch of da Nabi Volcano-Ash polishes
I showed y'all yesterday...
Not perfect,
but not bad for my 1st attempt at stamping on a texture.
 Da line up ~ Nabi Pink 15, Hot Pink 20, Rose 08, Raspberry 17,
Flamingo 27 & Konad Black stamping polish
(not shown: my uber spiffy XL Squishy Stamper!)
These plates are from the Amazon Cat Image Plates
I showed y'all in January.
They're totally Asian knock-offs,
but at $18 w/free s/h for da set of 20 plates...
how could I pass it up?
 Ta Da!
Luna, Ziggy & Jazz playing on my pink ombre texture nails.
My image placements still needs work,
but the images came out well.
>^. .^<
One would think you only have one cat
based on da pics you post.
There are four of us you know!
Luna wasn't happy I stopped brushing her to take her pic.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. ZOMG neon textures. I'm jealous I cant stamp on textures :( such a cute manicure

    1. IKR! If I can stamp on texture, YOU can stamp on texture! The stamper doesn't slide like it can on glossy polish.

  2. 1) I adore that manicure. Massive cuteness!!
    2) Sometimes one cat is just more of a camera hog than others. I have one in particular who totally knows how to work it!!

    1. Thanks! Ciri is definitely the Feline Diva around here. LOL The others are usually just lumps of snoozing black fur. Not particularly entertaining nor do black lumps make for interesting pics.


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