Sunday, March 23, 2014

Show & Tell!

Hello Dahlings!
Yeah, I know, I'm supposed to be on a no buy this month.
Does buying frankening supplies count as a polish purchase?
Here's what all has arrived at da Inky house recently...
 Contrary Polish
I didn't buy this!
It was a pressie from da eternally fantabulous
(Tina is da brainiac who invented da Polishicle swatch stick!)
She was cruising thru da offerings at Llarowe
& came across this polish & thought of lil ol' me.
 Inky Fingers
Being a Stampin' Up! demo means I often have ink on my paws.
I don't always get it all off before taking mani pics.
This is 2 blue violet plumy coats...just look at all da lil sparklies!
Tho da sparklies are a wee bit camera shy,
I can see green, gold & even some purple bits of bling.
My feet worshipping thanks to Tina for thinking of me
& sending me my 1st Contrary Polish!
I ordered these on February 26th, before my no buy started.
Samantha was having a sale!
(I am SUCH a sucker for indie sales)
I think my first buy from her was in her 1st month
as an indie maker last summer?
Her early polishes were great
& she's maintained da quality as she's expanded her line.
(all Polishicles show 2 coats)
 Lookee at da CUTE packaging!!!
 Lookee at all da sparklies!
(enjoy da sun pics cuz I don't usually take pics during da day)
 Lilac Dreams... a thermal!
It goes from lilac when warm to a blackened plum when cold.
It also has lil bits of sparkle & a pink shimmer.
 Holo-y Goodness
This is one eye smacking holo topper.
Me likey!!!
A lovely dark purple linear holo with a purple shimmer.
In my odyssey to create a neon purple linear holographic polish,
it finally occurred to me after 3 tries using holo top coats,
existing nail polish & make up
that maybe I need to start from scratch.
One of the basics for frankening is suspension fluid.
This is what keeps the pigments & glitters
from sinking to da bottom of da bottle.
I researched DIY polish supplies before ordering
& Misfits On 8th had a nice variety at good prices.
Me being me,
I didn't just toss the suspension fluid in my cart & check out...
From da back ~ 8 oz bottle of Glitter Suspension Fluid
A grape Pixi Stix freebie!
plus GITD pigments in:
white (turns purple)
purple (turns whitish green)
eggplant (turns moss green)
silver (turns bluish teal)
& a lil scoop for dishing out da powders
Y'all know how much I love my GITD!
There was a teensy issue with my ordering something
that wasn't available, but Natasha fixed me up
with some da eggplant pigment instead
plus some extra purple for da inconvenience.
Most peeps would just refund da $ and call it good.
Misfits On 8th gets an A+ for customer service!
Yep! I bought a whole 2"x3" zippy of neon purple pigment.
Ya know, just in case da zombie apocalypse
makes getting hold of more neon purple nail polish difficult.
I can make my own now.
i3Color has cosmetic grade pigments in other neons
& GITD plus all kinds of 'normal' colors for a good price.
This $5 bag will last me a lo-o-o-ong time!
If my frankening adventures are successful,
I will need minis to share da joy.
I found these adorable rounded square
5ml mini polish bottles with PINK caps on eBay.
Nailiciouss offers round mini bottles with black caps too,
but I think these are SO much cuter!
Cristina's eBay offerings include da most adorable selection
of Fimo & nail art bling at great prices & NO SHIPPING!
She has several Mickey Mouse designs (including GITD!)
to choose from plus Hello Kitty, fruit, flowers, patterns 
& lots of asst BLING!
As an added bonus, she's in da US,
so your order won't take forever to arrive!
(da other listings I saw for mini bottles ship from Asia
& shipping can take up to 6 weeks)
I placed my order on a Friday
& had my well bubble wrapped lil bottles by da following Thursday!
Go check her listings out!
One cannot create holographic polish with out Spectraflair
or at least something very like it.
This shiz it hard to come by!
Da Gov changed da shipping rules a couple of years ago
& now it can only be mailed if it's in a suspension base.
I guess da powder (made of metal)
was too risky for da PO to handle.
That's ok cuz Spectraflair4U has done da hard part for us.
They offer several intensities of rainbow
in concentrated bottles of heavenly holo-ness.
I got da 2 grams of Spectraflair35
It comes with a plastic pipette for dispensing,
but I use a glass one
(the kind with da rubber squeezy bit on one end)
cuz I can clean it with acetone when I'm done.
Compared to polish, it ain't cheap at $30 for da .5oz bottle,
but it is concentrated,
so I should gets lots of holo goodness for da investment.
I may seem stubborn in my quest to make a
neon purple linear holo polish,
but why shouldn't I pursue it?
Somebody needs to do it, right?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. That Spectraflair...O,O! Keep following your neon dreams girl!

  2. I'm on this train with you (in spirit)!! You will succeed at will. Then everyone will worship your neon purple holo. Even Ciri


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