Sunday, March 9, 2014

Show & Tell!

Hello Dahlings!

Alas, my Ho-ing ways are on hold for awhile.
I've had way too much fun over da last few months
& it caught up with me.
I have one more Show & Tell left after this one.
*droopy whiskers*
Da good news is that I'll be doing
Does It Stamp?
posts on Sundays again!
Are you all set for pic spam? Here's my loot for today...
Amazon is a great source for sets of polish for cheap!
I recently got 2 different sets of Nabi 30 ct texture polishes
& saved uber bucks over the single bottle price.
All polishicles show 2 coats of polish with no top coat.
The Volcano-Ash set of 30 bottles 
is mostly crèmes & some shimmer textures.
Think early Sally Hansen Sugar Coat & Milani Texture. 
Each set cost me $39.50 + $6.80s/h = $46.30US
That's $1.32 per bottle before s/h, $1.54 with s/h.
These polishes retail individually for $3.95 before s/h is added.
Not only are they a good value in bulk like this,
but this set contains NEONS!!!
 Blackberry 07, Burgundy 06, Red Red 10 & Red 09
 Hot Orange 12, Baby Orange 14 & Pastel Orange 13
Eggplant 11, Yellow 18, Natural 03 & D. Beige
(Yes, the darker yellow really is called Eggplant.
I looked it up on their website.) 
 Green 25, Lime 21, Teal 23, L. Teal 19, Blue 28 & Baby Blue 30
 L. Blue 24, Lavender 26 & Purple 29
 Flamingo 27, Raspberry 17, Rose 08 & Hot Pink 20
 Rose Pink 16, Pink 15 & L. Pink 22
Black 01, Silver 20 & White 02
Sand Texture
This set is all metallic.
Da Black & Silver have 2 versions
with one being regular metallic foil
& da other having some fine glitter added for bling factor.
This set costs da same as the Volcano-Ash.
 Red 16, Rose Pink 09, Orange 21, Baby Orange 24 & Gold 20
 Khaki 08, Green 07, Emerald 12 & Teal 19
 Ocean Blue 10, M. Blue 22, Navy Blue 13, Abysis 27 & Sky Blue 26
 Purple 07, Lavender 23, L. Purple 18 & Raspberry 11
 Lilac 17, Pink 06, Petite Pink 28, Mocha 05, Cinnamon 04 & Beige 25
Black I 01, Black II 30, Charcoal 15,
Silver I 03, Silver II 29 & White 02
(Da V-A Silver is not da same as these 2.)
If I only had a brain I would have bought both sets together
for $59.50 + $11.60s/h = $71.10.
That's $.99 cents each before s/h, $1.19 each with s/h.
Gotta like 75% off retail!!!
These are pretty much opaque at 2 coats.
They work well on their own,
but they'll make great undies for more expensive textures
like OPI Liquid Sand or
you could do Sarah from Penny Pinching Polish's
of layering duo/multi chrome polishes over black texture polish.
Da only real downside of buying these lots is that sometimes
da bottles are mislabeled or missing labels.
I can live with this for da price!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Aww thanks for the shout out hun :D You have no idea how jealous I am that you can get these kinds of deals! D'ya think my need for bargain polish will be enough to snag me a green card? LMAO xx

    1. Maybe not a green card, but a vacation visa for sure! LOL I looked on Amazon UK & they really didn't have much in polish, not compared to the US site. It's a pity cuz I think these Nabi sets would sell well anywhere.

  2. Pastel orange and baby orange are marvellous, and the metallics are what I would have wanted off CG crinkled chromes what a score you got!

    1. Do you have a preference between the 2? I haven't mailed your birthday box yet...

  3. Holy crap! Great deal and a really great set of colors. :)

    1. Yep! They also have a set of mostly opaque metallics in the same price range. The only Nabi I've ever regretted buying was a dark mulberry crackle that stained in the cracks, so while the texture was there, it couldn't be easily seen due to lack of contrast. I got that one in a store. The Amazon sets have been awesome!


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