Friday, March 14, 2014

The Glittah Pirates ~ Never Ending Pile Challenge!

Hello Dahlings!
I rarely post twice in da same day, but this is IMPORTANT!
As y'all may have noticed, I've bought a lot of polish over da last few months.
Heck, I didn't even show y'all of it!
Then there are all da bottles that moved in
before my Black Friday Buying Binge...that lasted 3 months.
Now y'all may not be as big a Polish Ho as me,
but I bet y'all have at least a few untried polishes in your stash.
What's a polish horder collector to do?
Join The Glittah Pirates on Facebook
so you can actively participate in da
Never Ending Pile Challenge!
My bad! I should have warned y'all that this challenge runs for 3+ months.
Got your breath back? Good!
Now relax cuz this is a do-it-when-it-works-for-you challenge.
If you happen to have an untried polish or 3 that fit a prompt &
you can post on da challenge day for that're good to go!
Plus you should be able to do this challenge in conjunction with both
other challenges & your regularly featured blog posts.
You just have to use polish you haven't worn before!
If you don't have anything for a particular prompt or are just too busy
to participate on any of da listed dates, then don't post.
This isn't a contest, it's motivation to used those untrieds.
I'm lucky that da posting schedule for this challenge
is da same as my regular mani posting schedule!
So I'll still be doing 1st Franken Fridays,
Monday Quickies & Weird Wednesdays Comparisons...
just using mostly untrieds...
except for black & white undies.
I've used almost all of da polishes I have in these colors
& I will need undies for some of da prompts,
but untrieds will certainly get preferential treatment.
Our Magnificent Madness Moderator Missy Gnarly Gnails
will post both blog & Instagram links we can add to our posts,
so our peeps can see all of da lovely polishes we have never shared with them.
Those forgotten treasures WILL get their 15 minutes of blogging fame!
Thanks for stopping by &
now head over to The Glittah Pirates
& join this fun lovin group of Polish Passionistas!
~ Inky

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