Friday, March 28, 2014

My-Stash Ectoplasm ~ I'll Take Mine To Glow, Please?

Hello Dahlings!
So I was cruising about on FB, like you do,
when I came across a new to me indie brand called
Danielle was showing a batch of polish
that didn't quite turn out as planned
& wondering if peeps would want to buy it.
Duh! It's fanbulously fugly!!!
So I bought a bottle along with a few other treats.
I did ask a question about this polish & since da answer was no,
I decided to do something about it myself...
 Yep! I did a gitd mani featuring Ectoplasm.
But 1st, I had to pick a good gitd polish to use with it...
 Line up #1 ~ Peripera WH801, Blue Cross pumpkin in yellow,
Nabi Funky Yellow 10 & Glow In The Dark Yellow 02
 I did one coat of the Peripera then added one coat of each gitd
index ~ BC pumpkin
light in color at one coat, but quite doable
The down side of this brand
is that they only offer da pumpkins in October.
middle ~ Funky Yellow
nice strong color at one coat
This one is part of da 24 gitd set for $25 I got from Amazon.
It's so totally worth the price!
ring ~ Gitd Yellow
I bought this why?
It came in a set of 6
& all of them are wimpy in intensity.
pinky ~ white for comparison
(this one of my fav whites cuz it's almost a one coater)
How do they do in the dark...
 Under black light the pumpkin & Funky Yellow do great.
The lame Nabi gitd just gets lamer.
 In full dark Nabi's Funky Yellow is fab,
but da pumpkin isn't far behind.
Gitd Yellow sucks. Nuf said.
Methinks some not so accidental frankening
will be happening to this set of lame ass polishes.
I decide to give da pumpkin it's 15 minutes of fame
& added a 2nd coat to da 3 test nails to even out da color 
& 2 coats on the rest.
 Under black light it looks WOW!
 And it keeps on Wowing in full dark!
It's a bit streaky looking here,
but this isn't as obvious in person
or after I add polish over it.
 Line up #2 ~ Kleancolor Neon Aqua, My-Stash Ectoplasm,
Joe Fresh Jet plus a short striper
 This is one generous coat!
I did have to do a bit of dabbing,
but no fishing required.
 Lookee at all da bits!
A green leaning yellow jelly with medium size orange hexes,
lil bright blue threads & black shreadies!!!
 I added a funky V double line French tip to spunk it up a lil more.
When I went to take da final pics I got this surprise...
Da orange hexes are UBER black light reactive!
They looked like lil coals burning in da bottle & on my nails.
>^. .^<
Your claws glow like my beauteous you do that?
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Funky french my be my favourite of yours, like your trade mark

    1. It kinda is, isn't it? lol I like it cuz it adds a lil something without obscuring the base polish. So I use it a lot with nifty indies & other glitters. Egad! Have I become predictable? Eeeek!


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