Friday, March 21, 2014

Elixir Lacquer ~ With a K

Hello Dahlings!
Today's mani is courtesy of my Dahling Polish Daughter,
the amazing Swishie!
She sent me da eye blowing bling fest I'm wearing
& da studs are from her shop She Sells Seashells.
On to da fun...
 1 coat of Elixir Lacquers With A K from Color4Nails
over a white base. (more about the base color below)
Alas, it's not listed on their site anymore.
It's a fabulously eye blinding neon pink jelly
with silver holo hexes & micro dust.
 Da line up ~ Polish Me To Go Snow Glow
& Elixir Lacquer With A K
The is 2 coats of Snow Glow 
It likes to go on a bit patchy, but is self leveling.
It also dries matte.
from my DPD's on line store.
With a chaser of Seche Vite I was good to go!
Oh yeah! I gotta show you this...
 Under black light...
 ...& in da sink!
After I pulled da plug on my black light
I noticed da bottle of Snow Glow was still glowing!
>^. .^<
 I don't what dis is...but I like da moving handle part!
*bappita, bappita, bappita*
(He's playing with da handle of my Big Shot
die cutting machine from Stampin' Up!)
I can stretches all da way over here & still plays with it!
(Whoops! 1 second later, Ciri fell off da ottoman. LOL)
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Very pretty mani! The studs give it just enough edge! Silky kitty! Gravity works!

    1. Thanks! This is about as girly as I get. LOL

      Ciri often defies gravity, but every once in a while it catches up with him.

  2. Never have I seen a neon glitter like that. It's like a mythical creature in the flesh! Thank you for your support pm

    1. You picked well my DPD!
      Of course I pimp you out, Dahling! That's what moms are for. lol


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