Monday, March 3, 2014

If It Pleases You, Missy!

Hello Dahlings!
The Nail Art A Go Go challenge is over. *droopy whiskers*
So a bunch of us were hanging out at The Glittah Pirates FB group
da other day (aka Polish Passionistas) & brainstorming prompts
for our next group challenge.
Then Missy Gnarly Gnails asked da group
if we knew of any dups for Literary Lacquers If It Pleases You.
So I went digging thru my stash & here's what I found...
 Da line up ~ Nabi Tawny 14 & Blackberry16,
Literary Lacquers If It Pleases You,
(both the minis come in full size as well)
 Right hand with da bottle of If It Pleases You
(2 coats on each finger)
index ~ If It Pleases You
an oddly bruised looking plumy brown with a strong rainbow
this is one of those polishes that is so borderline ugly's beautiful
middle ~ A Nice Chianti
a berry wine-ish with a medium rainbow
not a dup for IIPY
ring ~ Kings & Queens
a berry to purple shift with a strong rainbow
not a dup for IIPY
pinky ~ Lady Marmalade
another berry-ish to purple shift, but lighter with a subtle rainbow
not a dup for IIPY
 rainbow pic
 Left hand with da bottle of If It Pleases You
(2 coats each nail)
index ~ If It Pleases you
middle ~ Pliny the Elder
a rich brown with plumy shift, a medium rainbow
& fine copper sprinkles
the closest I have to IIPY
ring ~ Blackberry
a slightly plum leaning brown with weak rainbow
not a dup for IIPY
pinky ~ Tawny
medium brown with weak rainbow
not even close to duping IIPY
 rainbow pic
So there you have it, Missy!
The closest of da polishes I have to duping If It Pleases You is:
Pliny the Elder
& it leans more brown as well as being much darker.
If It Pleases You is just such a unique color
that finding a dup may not be possible. LOL
Me being me, I couldn't just leave my nails da way they were...
So I decide to test some potential stamping polishes
& practice my on nail stamping.
 Da other line up ~ Orly Glitz, Wet N' Wild A Show At The Palladium,
JLB Twenty Four Karat, Orly Luxe & Voyeuristic Adventure
 I used both the full nail lips image & da single smooch
from Bundle Monster Plate 303 (plus my XL Squishy Stamper)
 pinky ~ Glitz
ring ~ A Show At The Palladium
middle ~ 24K
index ~ Luxe
thumb ~ Voyeuristic Adventure
All of them stamped, tho' it doesn't show well here.
Da Wn'W did da worst, da Orly's did fine, but da winner is 24K
I got it in a set with 6 other foil polishes
from Ross recently for cheap.
Da winners: Pliny the Elder & JLB Twenty Four Karats!
(all nails got a coat of Seche Vite to seal da goodness in)
I hope this helped, Mistress Missy! <3 font="">
>^. .^<
 I practicing my dignified pose.
What is I supposed to do with my tail?
You used how many polishes on your claws?
I gonna hide from all dem bottles...
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Damn you Jenna! On a serious no buy and you have to show me Pliny! I guess I will just have to be satisfied with the amazing If It Pleases You for now.

    1. At least you now know they aren't dups! LOL

  2. Aaaaah, Kings & Queens has made me all drooly! x

  3. Is it a sign of a severe sickness that I want to own them all?? >.<

    1. Since I do own them all, can I take the 5th on that? LOL


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