Friday, March 7, 2014

First Friday Franken ~ Mega Punk!

Hello Dahlings!
It's da 1st Friday of da month & you know what that means?
Franken time!
I had to skip this post in feb cuz I couldn't make da prompt
& my frankens play nice.
I'm starting a new challenge in April
& should be able to use my polish babies 
for da prompts that fall on da 1st Friday of da challenge months.
Yes, I said months!
Missy has come up with another challenge for da Glittah Pirates
(formerly known as da Polish Passionistas)
that will last for over 3 months & motivate us into using as many
of our untrieds as humanly possible.
I have a serious mountain of untried polish that needs wearing.
Nuf' said on this for now, more to come...
This month's franken is brand spanky new!
One of the I Love Nail Polish Spring release bottles 
I got on pre-order is Mega
(you can order this & da rest of da spring line NOW)
I got 2 of them cuz one of da things listed that one can do
with this polish is use it to make regular polish
a holo by adding it to that polish.
 So I picked Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple to be my test subject
cuz one polish I has an uber lemming for is
a neon purple linear holo. (aka fuchsia)
(I get all squidgy with lusty glee just thinking about it!)
Punki Purple tended to be rather sheer
(more so than most of da purpley neons I have)
so I hoped it would let the holo goodness shine thru...
Meet Mega Punk!
While I did get a wee bit of rainbow going in da bottle,
it didn't translate onto da nail.
As you can see, Mega is UBER holographic over both white & black.
One would think that adding it to a fairly sheer polish would work?
 Da rainbows are trying to come out under da flash...
 ...but not even real sun could make them show.
*droopy whiskers*
I'll keep working on it til I get it right
or some brilliant indie maker beats me to it.
Either way I WILL have a neon purple/fuchsia holo on my tips!
And cuz I'm me
& can't leave my nails with just one color on them...
 I added one dabbed coat of Polish Me To Go Unorthodox!
It has both black & holo silver glitter bits that catch da light,
but wait, there's more!
This is also a thermal color changing polish...
 ....that turns clear when warm, so da base color shows...
 ...and gray when cold, so da base color gets darker, it's also a...
 ...glow in da dark polish!!!
I recently found Polish Me To Go
& da only issue I have with their polish is da odor.
It's a bit on da pungent side when wet
& for awhile after it dries,
but thankfully it does dissipate.
>^. .^<
I had a 'helper' while taking gitd pics. LOL
I never knew that black light won't make white fur glow.
It makes everything else white in the area glow,
but not da cat.
That would have been totally trippy!
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. Maybe it would've worked better if you added pink pigment rather than mixing a polish into it? :) Just crush up some eyeshadow and mix it in :D xx

    1. That's very possible! The site info just says to add some to another polish to turn it holo, so that's what I did. Alas, I don't wear much eye make up so don't have a neon purple eye shadow to crush. I do have craft pigments I can check, tho I think if I had neon purple I would have used it by now. LOL Hmmm...I do have some glitter the right color & many craft glitters will bleed when put in polish. Something to play with!

  2. Dang girl!!! You got polishes that do everything but the dishes!!!!!

    And your next challenge sounds like fun. I have so many untried they're taking over!

    Sorry about your fraken...punky purple is one of my faves and would love it as a holo. Look for polyester glitter, it's solvent resistant. Hobby Lobby sells a bunch of them.

    Lovin your color changing-glitter-top coat!!

    1. Pretty much! LOL I'll include a link to the membership info in the post on the challenge, so you any anybody else interested can join the fun.

      My thoughts on neon purple glitter were leaning towards the non-solvent resistant kind so I could leech the color out & add it to the holo base. I have the good for polish kind, but they won't work for what I'm wanting.

  3. Aww, that's a shame it didn't show the holo on the nail :( The idea of a neon purple holo got me really excited too! In the meantime, why not try a holo topcoat? Indigo Bananas has a Spectraflair 35 one that I'm rather fond of :) xx

    1. I have several holo tc that would work. (Frosty Snot!) I was just hoping for a neon holo. I'm not giving up!

    2. You go girl, I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually :) and when you do please tell me how/sell me the results :D xxx

  4. I have an eyeshadow pallet that was on sale at Walgreens just to try frankening my own polish. It has bright colorful shades that I would NEVER wear on my eyelids! Bought it Black Friday....2012. Have I tried it yet? No. Better get my butt in gear (tee hee)

    1. Yes, you should! Frankening is a fun way to create the polishes you want & haven't found already made or you don't want to pay the price for.

  5. At least it's still a pretty polish! Do not mention untrieds lol

    1. It is pretty! Just hot linear holo. LOL
      Me thinks you need to join The Glittah Pirates Never Ending Pile Challenge next month! <3

  6. I also need to join the Glittah Pirates Never Ending Pile challenge next month, lol. Love that holographic topper--it's so strong, weird about the pink...

    1. Yes, you do! Mega is a great blow your eyes out holo polish, it just didn't turn Punki Purple into a holo. I'm still working on it...


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