Sunday, March 16, 2014

Show & Tell!

Howdy Do Dahlings!

Gah! My spring allergies are early & hitting me with a vengeance.
As an added bonus, my allergies aggravate my sinuses.
So if I don't keep up on my gets very messy.
Having to take a pill every 2 hours
does keep da worst of da snot monsters at bay...
however, it also turns me into a bit of a zombie. Blerg.
(and I had a stamp camp yesterday, which always leaves me pooped)
Anywho, all this rambling is my lame hinnie excuse
for this post being late. On to da good stuff...
(all polishicles have 2 coats unless otherwise stated)

Do you have trouble with your hands?
(I have mild arthritis, developing carpal tunnel in my fingers
& circulation issues as a med side effect)
Is opening small bottles & jars (like nail polish) literally a pain?
Then you need a TOPSIE!

I first learned about this new company from Fingers Polish Mania
a couple of months ago, but didn't do anything about it
beyond checking them out on Twitter.
(da Topsie peeps didn't have a website at da time)

In February I got a PM from Topsie
letting me know they now had an online store.
They not only offer this uber useful gadget in NEON colors,
they can make them GLOW IN THE DARK too!!!
(Oh yeah, my knickers got squishy when I saw that!)
For those not into that much fun, they also make them in clear.

I got myself these 2 for a test drive...

 I picked fluorescent purple & fluorescent black.

 See how well they fit over a polish bottle top?
If I fit da other one over da bottle itself,
I have a firm grip on both parts without having to squeeze so hard
that I make my hands go tingly numb.
Da day they arrived, I wondered around my house with them
opening random small containers that have been known
to give me trouble in da past.
I was able to open many containers all by myself
that I normally would hand to Mr Inky to open!
I haven't had da chance to test them on a polish bottle
that has glued itself shut yet, but I'm highly optimistic
that I may be able to open da next one myself
& if not, Mr Inky will have an easier time with it than before.
He's been known to get out a pair of pliers & a large jar grip pad
to awkwardly open stuck polish for me.

 They are very bight under black light...

...and yep, they glow in da dark!
Da black one isn't as bright as da purple one, but it does glow.

Topsie is owned & operated by a former Military man & his family.
So not only will you get a well made,
useful product when you order from them,
you'll be helping to support a family that has served our country.


I'd heard of this indie brand before,
but it wasn't until I saw some pics on FB that I went
& explored their Etsy site.

 I love da cute mustache stamping Danielle does on both the tissue
& lil boxes she uses to pack her orders!

 Baby, It's Cold Outside
This winter sparkler topper has lots of blue & purple blingy holo bits
along with white snowflakes in a clear base.

Black skull & crossbones with bright blue stars
& lots of snowglobesque tiny white squares.
Need I say more?

 Shaken, Not Stirred
An iridescent topper that leans more green & gold
over dark colors, but is pink & gold over lighter hues.

This is da polish that spurred me to explore My-Stash!
Danielle was playing with new polish ideas
& this one almost got tossed in da fail bin.
But when she posted it on FB, it got enuf of a positive response
that she added it too her shop instead. Good thing!
Now many of you may be thinking that is so not an Inky type of polish?
You'd be right except for my quirky fondness for so ugly it's cool polishes!
The medium yellow crelly base sports medium orange hexes,
skinny light blue hairs & black shreds.
(I really want to test this fugly duckling
out in a yellow GITD jelly sammich!)

Need another reason to check this store out?
Full size bottles are only $6/mini only $3!
My swatching to polishicles showed me these polishes are easy to apply
with only minimal fishing/dabbing to place da large glitters.


Nabi Metallics
Yeah, I have a thing for Nabi polish sets from Amazon.
This is da 3rd set I got last month.
This bunch is their 30 pc. Metallic line
& I got them to see of they would work for nail art stamping.
I have most if not all of da Kleancolor Metallics & while they do stamp,
they have da annoying tendency to smear when I add Seche Vite.
Even when I wait like 1/2 an hour
for them to dry enuf that they shouldn't do this!
So I figured $30US + $10.80s/h
(this works out to $1.36 per bottle)
was worth da chance to find a rainbow of
possible metallic stamping polishes.
(To do a preliminary test for opacity,
I only did one coat on these polishicles.)
Lookee at all da pretty colors...

 Wine 143, Red 139, Coral 133 & Orange 149

 New Gold 151, Gold 128, Brown 156, Bronze 140 & Cinnamon 147

Shappire 136, Emerald 138, Lime 152 & Punky 129
(Emerald dries to a matte finish instead
of da semi gloss satin of da rest of da set)

Sky Blue 145, L. Blue 131, Purple 135, Fuschia 134 & Lilac II 142

Dark Per 146, Wine 142, Lilac 132 & Pink 137
(Dark Per is listed as Dark Purple on Nabi's site.)

Dark Fuschia 154, Cinnamon 153, Lavender 150 & Champagne 144

Black 148, Charcoal 130, Silver 127 & White 155
I don't want to give all da surprises away...
but only 3 out of 30 polishes passed my Does It Stamp? testing.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky


  1. I kind of want one of those topsies purely because it glowsssssss

    1. IKR! I would have gotten them in clear if the colors available didn't do anything for me, but neon AND gitd? Yeah, I was all over that. LOL


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