Friday, April 18, 2014

TGPNPC ~ Indie

Hello Dahlings!
Today's prompt is Indie
& while perusing da other's manis posted in our FB group
I noticed that one phrase in multitudes of variations 
has been popping up over & over since this challenge started:
Why haven't I worn this polish before?
This is da whole point of Missy's brilliant challenge idea!
Polish lovers tend to acquire polish faster than we can wear it.
Bloggers even more so & bloggers that do sponsored posts
have da double whammy of not only having to post
da polishes they get sent, but find da time to wear
& post what they buy for themselves.
So yeah, I thought to myself when I put today's mani on last night:
Why haven't I worn these polishes yet!
 Da original idea to do this came from Sarah Penny Pinching Polish
She was just playing with her polish
& came up with da awesomeness
that is ultra chrome over textured polish!
Why didn't I try this sooner?
Why did I wait so long to were these polishes?
The world may never know.
 Da line up ~ China Glaze Bump In The Night,
I Love Nail Polish Sirene, Mutagen & Reminisce
 2 coats of Bump In The Night
Oh My Gopher!
This bitch stains worse than a new puppy on an antique rug!!!
I got a teeny, tiny bit on my cuticles & could NOT get it off.
Used both my cuticle stick & clean up brush dipped in pure acetone
to remove it, but I still have lil bits of black all over da place.
(especially my pinky)
If you already own this polish, good luck with it.
If you don't, I highly recommend you pass on it.
Get Sally Hansen's Lick-o-rich instead
if you're wanting a black crème texture polish.
It's in da same price range, easier to find & didn't stain my skin.
I managed to find a smidge of sun for all of a minute today.
While many duo/multi chromes need black undies
to get da best shifting results,
ILNP Ultra Chromes can go commando & look fantabulous!
(ILNP Ultra Chromes are pretty much da only polishes I have
that I can skip da nail art cuz they're so fascinating & beautiful!)
I applied a thin coat of each polish over da evilness that is Bitn
& skipped my usual Seche Vite
since tc rather defeats da purpose of wearing a textured polish.
index ~ Sirene
This one is my fav of da bunch!
A dark teal that shifts to a dark steel blue & vampy purple plum.
middle ~ mutagen
I can see why Missy loves this polish so much!
It goes from a sage green to a pinkish bronze.
ring ~ Reminisce
I mostly got a bright green to a yellow gold with this one.
Not my fav, but I'll give it another go someday.
Next up ~ Drugstore
>^. .^<
While I was outside t
rying to capture the color shifts on my nails,
Lil Miss Bandita came by for a visit.
She is SO tiny! Even smaller than Ciri.
She was also in heat recently,
so I expect her lil belly to start swelling soon.
No, I won't be adopting any of her babies!
I have 4 furbabies & a hubby that would not thank me
for bringing another cat into da house.
But I won't mind playing with them
if she brings them by for a visit!
Thanks for stopping by!
Please go show da love to da other ladies!
~ Inky


  1. This is amazing!!! and I don't like these duochromes so thats saying something

    1. Thanks! Once again, you like something cuz I did it. I'm such an evil influence on you! LMBBO

  2. Replies
    1. IKR! Sarah was brilliant to think of it.


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