Friday, March 20, 2015

Does It Stamp? 2.0 ~ More Black & White Regular Polish

Hello Dahlings!

Yeah, I wanted to do one of these posts at least monthly,
but life got in da way.

So for March,
I have more somewhat readily available black & white polishes
to show you, so you can see for yourself how they stamp.

This is da finished mani.
I tried out a new holo topper & I liked it!
This pic shows one coat of Pretty & Polished Halo TC
with a coat of Seche Vite over it.
It showed a bit better over da darker polishes,
but it gave a decent rainbow without altering da colors underneath it.
Now onto da testing...
I started with 2 shimmery coats of Twisted Colors Show Me Your Beads!
I LOVED the colors in this thermal!
It went from a lilac when warm
to neon purple as it transitioned
to purple when cold
plus it has a gold micro shimmer.
I added a quick coat of Orly In A Snap & moved on to da stamping.
I used Bunny Nails plate HD-B
& my Creative Shop Stamper to do the stamping.
I wish Bunny Nails would reopen her shop!
It says on her site she had a personal thing to deal with
& I can respect her closing her shop while she deals with whatever it is,
but her plates are some of da few that have full nail images
that actually fit my nails without my having to stamp on the diagonal
plus she has a lot of really fun images.
I hope she's ok!
Da right paw ~
pinky ~ Konad Black & Princess White as control samples
& yeah, da Nads streaked a bit when I added FD TC
ring ~ Revlon Black Magic & Spirit
Both stamped, but looked a bit faded.
middle ~ Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Black Heart & Hard To Get
Both stamped better than da Revlon, but not as opaque as da Nads.
index ~ Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out & White On.
While both stamped, Black Out looked very faded,
but White On did a pretty good job!
thumb ~ Wet N' Wild Black Crème & French White
Both stamped, but looked faded about the same as the Revlons.
Da south paw ~
pinky ~ da Nads again as control samples
with da same streaking from adding FDTC
ring ~ Shany Black 10 & White 09
Both stamp & look pretty good,
but could be a wee bit more opaque.
middle ~ Ruby Kisses Black Utopia & French White
While both stamped, both were also pretty faded.
I like these for undies as both are opaque in 2 thin coats,
but they aren't useful for stamping.
index ~ Essence Colour To Go Black Is Back & Wild White Ways
Both stamped, but were even more faded than da Ruby Kisses
plus da white streaked when I added FDTC
thumb ~ Nanacoco Black Love & Snow White
Both stamped really well, but da white wasn't as solid as da Nads,
while da black is great.
Da winners out of this bunch?
For white I can recommend da SH Xtreme Wear White On!
It is readily available in most drugstores
& other places that sell Sally Hansen products.
If you have access to Nanacoco polishes,
I recommend Black Love.
Try looking in your local indie owned ethnic beauty supply stores.
That's where I found these.
>^. .^<
I bored.
When will my Paw be home?
I need to chew on him.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Inky

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