Monday, March 16, 2015

CNT 52 wk PNM ~ Mermaid/Lilac & Green

Hello Dahlings!
This week da Tart's are showing off their Mermaid
&/or lilac and green manis!
I did this... likey!
 I started with 2 coats of ILNP Charmingly Purple
on my middle & thumb.
I needed 2 coats of ILNP Princeton
on my pinky & index for opacity.
I then splodged da 2 of them on my ring finger.
 I used one of these nifty
over da splodging on my ring finger
with da Finger Paints Well-Cultured Pearl
to make da scales.
I tried to stamp with da W-CP, but it wasn't opaque enuf,
so I switched to Mentality White Opaque which has a pearl finish.
 Vivid Lacquer plate VL023
currently not available
 Da line up ~ ILNP Princeton & Charmingly Purple,
Finger Paints Well-Cultured Pearl & Mentality Opaque White.
I topped it all off with a coat of Seche Vite.
 Yeah, I have a sick sense of humor.
I've been waiting for just the right mani
to use this image from Uber Chic!
>^. .^<
Ziggy likes fish!
Ziggy likes all food!
Thanks for stopping by
& please go share da lovies with da other Tarts!
~ Inky

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